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23 28.gif Redskins

"One team’s problem is another team’s solution. Though the Jets didn’t want to give 34-year-old Pete Kendall a new contract, Washington was more than happy to grant the 11-year veteran a $1 million raise. Kendall comes to Washington all smiles, where he’ll start immediately at the left guard position. Jason Campbell will suffer through growing pains, while the revamped defense will continue to learn on the fly."

To see a team like the Bills ranked above the Skins' is laughable IMO.

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Check these rankings out; http://cbs.sportsline.com/nfl/powerrankings

:logo: 22. I like what I saw from Jason Campbell when he played in the preseason. If he develops into a quality passer this season, this might seem low in a month.


No arguments there. It's all on Campbell now. I think people are too quick to assume that Campbell is set, that he is an elite QB now. Just keep in mind, guys, he still has to prove himself. I think he will, but it's not a certainty. I'm just as optimistic as you are, but I'm still keeping in mind that there COULD be some growing pains.

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Adam Schein

Who is this geek? Another reason I hate Fox anything. What a joke network.

Has us last in the Division.

You have new coach in Dallas. Lets not forget how hard this is to over come.

NY lost Tiki who was only most of their offense.

Phili can be a solid team. They have a great QB and an establish coach, system etc.

As for Washington. Sure, every year things look good in preseason but objectively, I like this team better then any other team since Gibbs has returned. I think we did real well to address our needs.

2nd year of Saunder - so they have had some time to get on the same page.

Williams is retooled at DB and LB. Adding Smoot was brilliant. LL is a beast. We are stacked at DB.

Adding LFletcher is even more brilliant. He is instantly the leader of that defense. You also have 2 vets at CB and Griff as your vet leader of the line.

We also got younger there.

We proved Betts can get it done even if Clinton doesn't play, but CP did what he needed to get healthy... and they wont over work him this year. I think he wants to prove that resting him in the off-season was the right move.

And I'm not worried about Campbell at all. He got nothing but great reviews, even from Williams. He looks totally mature and comfortable in his interview and he looks great on the field.

We also finally seem to have a FG kicker.

Also we moved L to 2nd WR were I think he will do well. Loyd will have to get it done from the 3rd position.

Special teams are looking good.

The only real question I see are:

The left side of the OL has to gel while playing but they are both excellent Vets.. they will get it done.

Moss has to stay healthy for us to have good production at WR.

Moss is the key and my biggest worry.

We are much better for a lot of reason but the biggest to me is ... No Brunell starting at QB and being in the 2nd year of Saunders and Gibbs.

We will make the playoffs.

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Last year was too disappointing for me to get worked up over where we are on lists right now. It's understandable why prognosticators in general have us ranked low. We stunk up the joint last year.

Have we looked better in preseason? Unquestionably. But we've also all had our hopes crushed by this franchise a lot in the past fifteen seasons. A lot of these prognosticators have been slammed for picking us to do well in those years too. Why would they stick their neck out for a team that chronically underachieves?

If we play well and start beating quality opponents, we'll start receiving respect. Until then, we have to prove it on the field.

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Good, I hope they drop us to #32 so we have a fire lit under us and go out there and make everyone a believer. These lists are garbage anyway.

Why do people believe these rankings have any bearing on how this team will play? I would be surprised if any of the people in the business takes these things at all seriously. They know the writers are just throwing darts on these "rankings".

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22 is fair for me . How Campbell does is key and we will have to ait to see if adding speed to the deence was the key to its sucess.

No 4 for the cowboys is crazy ... you have a whole new coaching tree, the best CB is hobbled, the QB coach is susspended and the OC is a rookie... There are much better teams in the NFC....

Football is all about continuity the teams with the least turbulance does the best the Eagles have changed the least in the NFCE this year they are the team to beat

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I surprised you still don't realize that most analysts are still just looking at this number: 5-11. They care about nothing else.

Until we do something to improve that number, I don't think they should, do you? I mean, that number is the bottom line. Let's get it reversed this season!! :point2sky

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