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  1. Someone posted this site for the first preseason game against the Ravens and it didn't work or they never put the feed up. I'm sure they showed the pats game, but that was on national tv so it wouldnt be hard for them to feed that. Any confirmation on tonight?
  2. I'm sorry but those pics are AWFUL. Just watch it in HD, the unis look SICK! The fabled Burgundy on Burgundy has arrived! Love it.
  3. you forgot the 82 season helmet which is the same as it is now except the feather wraps around the circle instead of hanging.
  4. It is that helmet. Exactly. No "scripty" R. The way you see it here is the way it will be. Some dude posted pics of it at the lockerroom at Fed Ex.
  5. First off, you're sick. Secondly, Butterface? are you serious? I mean if she's a butterface i have GOT to see the women you hang out with. EDIT: And I go to Baylor so im EXTREMELY hard to impress.
  6. ......If the new jerseys what? If they are fire proof? If they are made of nylon? I can't sit still right now awaiting what you're about to say next. Will you please just tell us what already!!!!
  7. This has to be the longest running thread on Extremeskins.
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