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  1. Mine's still showing a sign saying "The game will start soon." Hopefully it will.
  2. What about drunken hate, huh huh HUH?!? **** YOU BIGMIKE!!! *huggles*
  3. My random thought: I know I don't post a lot, but I read a lot. You guys are so fun to read. It's like a little family in the tailgate. I love you all. Also, I'm drunk.
  4. Yeah, I'd have to agree. I'm sure the Big Show has all the muscles and weight in the world, but he'd be tired of fighting Mayweather in 5 minutes. Boxers are in phenomenal shape, and he could probably land ten punches before the Big Show even knew what was happening. Now, if the Big Show caught Mayweather somehow, then that might change things.
  5. Was this real? Looked pretty real. How does Mayweather know that other wrestler?
  6. Powder? That's just weird... From the "Winter Storms pounding the West and Utah" thread.
  7. At first I thought you were talking about a "burgundy out" in which the fans all wear burgundy. Now I realize you're talking about alll burgundy uniforms. I think it would be hard to do either.
  8. I've grown up on the chief logo, but I gotta say the golden helmet with the R is sexy. I would like the Skins to have a nice white version of their helmets like the new chargers unis, but maybe that's in the works for the future.
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