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  1. Foreign, cold and on draught. Every single time. Don't get me wrong here, the American beers that they export to the UK are nice and everything (Coors, Budweiser etc) but you cannot beat a good Belgian, Dutch or Czech beer. (I am thinking mostly of Jupiler, one of Belgiums finest beers in my opinion, I could drown in it and still be happy).
  2. I don't know about that actually Redskin55. I agree with you on the Eagles thing, but Brees is playing lights out at the moment. The Bills though I think could win in a low scoring affair with the Giants. The Bills do still have decent D and I think would be enough to handle Big blue.
  3. Sorry to say this but if my teams QB looked like this after one series I would SERIOUSLY start to worry. For the record I quite like the Burgundy pants and white tops idea.
  4. Gotta say I MUCH prefer the Burgundy. I wouldnt be too miffed if we wore the 70th anniversary gear again though, I mean this club has 70 years of history, we arent going to let one doofus spoil that for us surely.
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