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  1. Interesting article on PFT about the Jets I mean the headline might be something and nothing... HC Gase didn't want to hire Greggs son at LB coach.... But ended up doing anway.. But now the Jets have inside and outside lbs coaches because the guy Gase hired is his father in law Joe Vitt... Who also previously worked with Gregg in new Orleans who just so happened to testify against Gregg in the bounty gate scandal.. Which goes to show nepotism is alive and well in the NFL And dysfunction is not limited to the B&G
  2. Hey with John W Henry - allegedly putting Liverpool up for sale at the back end of last year - MAYBE we could get Dan Snyder interested in that kind of action - It might mean he would UNFORTUNATLY have to sell the Skins but - hey £2 billion with the exchange rates, Chinas ecconomy tanking (putting the future of FSG in doubt) - Liverpool flying high at the minute - it absolutely would be the best time for Dan to buy in - PLUS he doesn't have to change all the Red things he has ...:)
  3. SIP - That right there is my hope (kind of - because it sucks for the players to be saddled with no hope) but if we scape once again to 8-8 then meh more of the same. My main thought with Bruce is he is being given all the responsibility in the world - now he can show everyone what a shrewd football machine he is - this is his golden opportunity to show he is football jesus and lead the Redskins to the promised land except it will just most likely be Bruce being bruce and with any luck deliver us to a point Dan just cannot turn off anymore
  4. If we do get Gregg in it will be an interesting move because I think it will be because Dan got more involved than he generally has been in the last few years.... Which in this instance is a good thing. The other thing to note. The season before we finally canned Cerato he was given the official GM title... Bruce needs to realise in giving Bruce all the power he wants with hands in football and business operations, Dan expects him to improve things. Dan has taken all the pillars away from Bruce, guys he can hide behind.... Could this be the put up or shut up time. If Bruce has undermined LaFemina pointing out the empty stadiums then he is going to be expected to fix it. Right now...
  5. You shall rue the day you mocked the harvest fest... Always the media focuses on disfunction and domestic violence and empty stadiums and ousted employees and untrustworthy Ness and less than winning record.... NEVER ABOUT THE HARVEST FEST... I MEAN C'MON...!!!!... SUPERBOWL RINGZ PAH!!!! WE ARE AFTER BLUE RIBONS
  6. bedlamVR

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    It's really very simple.. In a unified effort of apetgy Every team in the NFL forfeits every game therfore everyone finishes the regular season 0-16... Because we have Dan and Bruce still in the FO we get extra negative points for REALLY not trying to win so win the apethy stakes for the division even without turning up... And progress to the next round... Mostly out of sympathy - When we get to the home division game both teams forfit but again we forfit extra hard because not only is the stadium empty FedEx field itself does itself and the painted dirt field is judged not to have turned up... - but on top of that we also know the new promised stadium.... Is never going to be a thing... So again moving on We then get to the superbowl and loose... Bucasuse duuuh... There ya go 0 - 18
  7. Yes but breaking news GB coach Vince Lombadi - is slated to take over as HC of the Redskins ... and by breaking news i meanbreaking news in 1969 -
  8. You know who should be the next Redskins defensive co-ordinator - Nick Saben - and i am only partially joking here. The reason being is Saben is kind of getting up there in age (okay well getting up there in age) has accomplished everything on the NCAA level but only has one year NFL miles on him - If he could bump that to three years (i think) then he would be eligable for an NFL pension - and well .... most of the team would kind of know him ... just saying ...
  9. I think there are guys who would want to come here - I would think Wilks might be a name in the frame given he has just been shafted by the Cards, he might want to resurrect some of his credentials working with a young defense - I think the biggest change has to be on the offense where Jay needs help as a play caller .. I think the thing to watch here is Lewis - Not that i think he will come to be the DC (that would be weird - though not out the question) but with him ousted in Bengals land - there may now be assistants who Jay knew who might be now suddenly more available ....
  10. bedlamVR

    ProFootballTalk : Zach Brown On This Organization

    Brown is kind of showing despite his near Pro bowl play he got cut from the Bills and no one really went after him .
  11. bedlamVR

    Per TMZ: Reuben Foster Cleared of Charges

    If it was anything more than luck over judgement then this would be a W .... Right now it's a shot show still but just not quite as big as it could have been ...
  12. bedlamVR

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I am starting to get this weird Howard Hughes vibe about Dan Snyder.... I was a slow adopter but I cannot see any combination of this that can stop the appathy... I mean who cares anymore.... ? The only chance for the Skins is for Dan to sell the team.... Or at least step down
  13. bedlamVR

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Things just cannot stay the same... And I am not just saying this about today, but today is the icing on the cake, but the Dan Snyder lead Redskins is a brand beyond redemption. There is going to be no new stadium and even if there was at this point who cares? This is not just a case of shuffling chairs on the titanic - it's about which are the nicest lifeboats. Dan has to give up on this and sell the franchise while it has any kind of value. We have talked about the 7 year lease remaining on FedEx - that is the one tangible asset. The closer you get to the end of the lease the lesser the value.. Hell maybe that's what the posturing about a new stadium has been about all the time to get improved terms.. But hey... I have been a long time supporter of Snyder because... Hey one billionaire is as bad as any other.. But that is clearly not the case. I have taken the pointless step of writing ( paper an pen and expensive ****ing postage)... But I don't see how Dan or even the minor owners sit back and see their investment pissed away like this...
  14. bedlamVR

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Ok so as SIP in the past has said we need to get public about tge Bruce hate .. the Ruben foster thing is not going away ... The QB situation is a train wreck and it all has links to him ... What can we do as fans to get rid of this stain on the organization ? What is a visible thing that will get Dan's attention ?