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  1. I wanted to add, everyone keeps hyping Daniel Jones without question but of the two I think I would prefer to have a Haskins rookie season because Jones started off hot and deteriorated where Haskins was the reverse .
  2. I know people will criticize a lot of holes on the roster but looking at the DL and DE rotation that looks like fun and I would rather have quality depth at those possitions than TE which is where we were when Gruden took over
  3. I am not sure what anyone could do in the TW situation if they were starting off from this year following the Bruce Allen stubbornness. I think Williams and his agent only had one destination in mind and nixed trades to the Vikings and Tampa .. Williams is possibly a HOF prospect based on talent but his immaturity over this, his drug suspensions have probably put paid to that
  4. The 91 reskins are considered one of the best teams of all time, most Redskins fans will talk of the hogs and Mark Rypen but the big aspect of that team was the defense that just destroyed teams we were first in scoring but second in points allowed one of the reasons Payton Manning only has two rings and Dan Marino has no rings is because they played on teams with no defenses. One of the reasons QB rookies struggle in the NFL is because they tend to be on bad teams and people expect them to turn the ship around I have no real faith in Tua, i think he is an walking injury report. C
  5. I actually don't think even a RGIII like trade doesn't make a ton of sense in this instance because who knows when football will be played again further you go down the draft the bigger the chance of the bust. Young isn't a sure thing but is very very good and found transform the D into a good unit into a formidable one and given what we have put into the front 7 already we should build on our strength
  6. With the 234th pick in the 2020 NFL draft the NFL The detriot lions select; Giovanni Ricci - TE Western Michigan Normally i would wait to do a write-up later but although a combine snub Ricci has some serious chops and his own wiki page already; an excerpt from this states; "Giovanni Ricci was born in Montepulciano on November 1, 1498, the son of Pietro Antonio Ricci". Which does put him on the older side for an NFL Rookie at 621 years old (622 in November) but his tape is interesting - and he is a good catholic boy and also hauled in 8 TD
  7. Okay so ... My board is now decimated SOoooo.. I am going with the teammate of a guy i was going to pick - because that always works out With the 230th pick of the NFL draft the lions select Aaron Parker, WR Rhode Island Not quite the prospect Isaiah Coulter maybe but often overshadowed but still a big bodied WR with a big chip on his shoulder - Fairly slow but he is going to have to try and carve a neiche out as a 4th or 5th option where his basket ball skills and body control will pay dividends. Needs to *cough* brush up on route running th
  8. With the 172nd pick in the 2020 Draft the Detroit lions while being hastled by one of their 7 year old daughters pick DannY Pinter - OL - Ball State Yeah he is a project but also an offensive line, dude - my write ups are awesome
  9. Damn you British summer time . With the 166th pick int the draft the Lions select : Julian Blackmon S - Utes
  10. Sorry sorry life stuff in the way .. With the 149th pick in the 2020 NFL draft the Lions select Derrick Tuszka DE - North Dakota State
  11. ,,, arrrrrgh Okay so there was this in-depth write up (and plan to steel everyone else's picks .. but ..phone died so ..ERM With the 109th pick of 2020 NFL draft . The Detroit lions select : Shyheim Carter DB Alabama He's a CB/S more in the box and from Alabama ..
  12. Hmm that is possible .I mean I will definate consider it .. or y 'know a trade hmmm hmmm ... I am still at work I will make my pick in next hour .. unless anyone wants to trade up
  13. Are all defensive backs in collage fishermen who constantly have to tell everyone about the one that got away ...because they all have the same damn "it was this big " pose
  14. Okay well the lions will move things fairly quickly.. With the 67th pick in the 2020 draft the Lions will select ; Raekwon Davis DL Alabama - Yeah there are questions about maturity and production has dropped off since he came to prominence in 2017 but possess the physical tools to be a tone setter on the DL - With Snacks on his way out the lions need help and while Davis might not be the finished product he will have opportunities to work into the rotation with decent position flexibility and has the tools and athleticism that you would look for
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