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  1. bedlamVR

    Free Trent Williams

    He could possibly rasie a legal action and potentially sue for loss of earnings - which he would struggle to recoup because the counter arguement would be that instead of a 4 game suspension he would serve a 4 game fine - although it might affect incentives (e.g. pro bowl appearance etc) but following such action would not get him back on the field any quicker. This is a very large mess . I cannot blame Trent one bit for this but the NFL, the NFLPA have really hosed him on this and should be doing something to put it right - given this is not a failed test but a missed test - This is not
  2. That was a really good read TSO. Thanks . I think people are all to keen to point out the perceived problems . I can imagine them being real problems too but I take the wait and see approach . I do think the issues against the run were not just down to the guys on the line. Not having street free agents converted wide receivers etc playing in the secondary is going to help the scheme . But people like I panic
  3. bedlamVR

    Cut or Keep - RB Edition

    I really like Kelly because he can pass block . Brown was impressive but againt who ? But it there are tough cuts comming and I think is a shuffle . Do we need 3 qbs, 9ol etc to keep a brown then you might loose Paulsen or Everet ...
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