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  1. Okay so with this pick.... Whatever number it is the lions select... Because I am a massive hommer / Brett Rypien - QB - boise State
  2. With the 224th pick in the draft the lions add a big ugly with Terrone Prescod GUARD NC STATE @volsmet over to you
  3. So ts time to throw darts at the board. And with the 184th pick in the draft the lions select; Cortez Broughton - Cincinnati Bearcats - DT/DE this is actually one of my picks i would love for the Skins in real life to take a late round flyer on - even given the needs elsewhere and the resources put into the line in the last couple of years. Broughton's first step is devastating. I mean for a guy at 280-290lbs he is darn quick. It kind of falls apart after that but with proper NFL coaching he has the chance of becoming a steal in the later rounds @PokerPacker Your on the clock
  4. Sorry I am going to do my big write up at the end of the draft... But with the 159th pick of the league lions select : Trayveon Williams RB Texas A&M The super productive texas product seems to split scouting room opinion as there is a belief his skill set won't transfer to the NFL. But I kind of see him as an above the curve 3rd down back / special teams standout because he is an eager blocker and tough as nails.
  5. bedlamVR

    Reuben Foster Will Not Be Suspended!!

    People tend to forget. Foster already had been essentially suspended ( on the exemption list) for 6 weeks last year. Any further suspension in terms of playing time lost for unfounded accusations would have been excessive
  6. Okay sorry about the Delay - a little bit of shuffling of life and and - well then my board - with the 146th pick in the draft THe lions select; Malik Reed EDGE Nevada - Essentially again looking to maximise effort here and add something of a wild card rusher . I kind of like the ancillary things about Reed but a bit of gamble given his size... but the lions need some help on the edges
  7. Sorry for the delay... Work n stuff pick will be coming in soon But y'know if anyone feels the need to move up then I am open for business
  8. Hmm ... this is all going way too quickly and smoothly - now i have my pick ready - but do i make it now or in 8 hours - Oh decisions decisions Okay well, i will make it now with the 111th pick in the 2019 NFL draft the Lions select; Josh Oliver - San Jose State TE
  9. But the highlights are for Clayton Thorson... There are two qbs called Clayton at Northwestern?..what fun!! . Personally I would go for that Thorson guy they don't mention Thomson at all
  10. Okay so with the 88th pick in the 2019 draft the lions cash in with - BLAKE CASHMAN (Minnesota) LB a former walk on with high IQ and football skills with questionable size and athleticism rocked the combine by showing up with 4.5 speed and good numbers across the board . Could be a key utility backer in MPS diverse schemes if he could just get a bit taller
  11. With the 45th pick of the 2019 Draft - Marquies Brown - Oklahoma - I am kind of gambling at this point in the draft of him being somewhat ready to go at least some point in 2019 - and i have a thing for small easily brokenable WRs but Browns play on the field and if he comes back to his best is just to much to pass on right here --- i did get the team doctors to check him out but all i heard was lalalalalalalalala - so yeah i am comfortable with this value
  12. Oh well in that case - i will go back to ....erm work i guess
  13. Has Poker Packer officially been skipped - I kind of don't want to rush up to the podium to take advantage of - <whatever> - - but i am putting my running shoes on
  14. Detroit will entertain - polite guests - reasonable requests and offers for #43
  15. Y ' know it's a bad QB year when I am sitting with the 8th overall pick and with Christian Wilkins - DT Clemson Looking to add that inside pressure to take some of the pressure off the suspect LBs .... Hockenson is an option but lions QBs just don't throw at TEs ...