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Worst Redskins Player in History


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Heath Shuler HANDS DOWN!

Hon. Mention:

Albert Connell (not just because he sucked, but because he was TO without the production and talent!)

Desmond Howard

Michael Westbrook

Tom Carter

Deion Sanders

Bruce Smith

Jeff George (He should have never replaced Brad! I'm still PISSED about that!)

Jon Friesz

Trung Candidate

Dan Wilkenson and Dana Stubblefield (they go hand-in-hand)

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It looks as though everyone has taken away all the players I mentioned. The years we drafted Shuler and Westbrook back to back, I was pleading with the TV, "take Trent Dilfer", who is still in the league and has a ring (I know the Balt. D won that for him but still) and then I was shouting "take J.J. Stokes" (I know he didn't pan out either, but who knows if given the opportunity here). In SF, he had Rice, Owens and a lot of other receivers ahead of him that he couldn't beat out. And at least he didn't punch his starting runningback.

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It seems a little icky to be dissing guys who wore the B&G.

...But what the heck. Too fun to pass up...

Warrick Holdman is on pace to earn his way onto this list

Yes. A lawn chair on the field with RBs accidentally tripping over it could have recorded more tackles that Holdman.

Babe Laufenberg:doh:


The Babe? I disagree. First, I don't think he ever started in the regular season for the Skins. Second, he was the classic Preseason BEAST. He used to come in the second half of preseason games and look like Johnny Fricking Unitas. He was a fan favorite who was first string Clipboard Carrier once the regular season started.

Another candidate - running back Benny Malone. He wore number 25, which was convenient, because his running AVG was about 2 point 5. Ever see those old timey movies of an early flying machine flapping to get off the ground only to fly apart at the seams? That was his running style.

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