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Worst Redskins Player in History


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I'll take a stab at this:

70s - For me, it's hard to remember bad players from the 70s...

80s - Keith Griffin RB... The guy fumbled a LOT... Started a few times. And played with the Redskins for 5 years and 65 games. Rumor has it he kept making the squad because he was "born again".

90s - (if only we could pick punters, there were a slew of them)... I'll go with Bobby Wilson, unless you let me also pick Heath Shuler... We really couldn't draft, could we?

2000s - You could pick a few, but I'll have to go with Danny Wuerffel... He really had no business coming back to football, even if I did root for him. It's hard to get down on the guy... He gave it the old college try.

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Ricky Thompson...slowest white receiver in the NFL and he started for us in '79

I dont agree with that one at all. He actually had some hands and, as Steve Largent proved, you dont have to be fast to be a good receiver.

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Let's See:

1) Heath Shuler

2) Sterling Palmer

3) Reggie Brooks

4) Robert Green

5) Lamont Hollinquest

6) Darryl Pounds

7) Stanley Richard

8) Ethan Horton (Was good with the Raiders)

9) Tydus Winans

10) Olanda Truitt

11) Greg Clifton

12) Jamie Asher

13) Al Noga

14) Tom Carter

15) Kenny Watson

16) Derrius Thompson

17) Chris Thomas

18) Zeron Flemister

19) John Friesz

20) Rod Stephens

There's probably more out there, but this is what I know right now.

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