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Worst Redskins Player in History


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Okay, I tried to be nice but there are just to many dumb people posting here. Anyone who said Alvin Walton or Terry Orr should be locked up in an institution because you are a danger to yourself and others.

The discussion is about the worst players in Redskins history, so everyone who cut and pasted 3rd and 4th string players like Ade Jimoh, Tydus Winans, Olanda Truitt needs to stop posting until you get old enough to actually understand what you are watching. You can take any scrub from any year and say boy they suck. And to the people who put Derrius Thompson and Kenny Watson, hmmmm, let's see undrafted college free agents who made the team and actually contributed in starting roles at some point, yeah, they MUST BE FLOPS.

Jeez people are you literate? Do you understand the implied question. The worst player in Redskins history is a discussion of expectations vs production. And no picking up a veteran because of desperation doesn't qualify them for worst of all time. So please no more Al Noga's, Ki-Jana Carter, Bill Brooks, Andre Reeds. The latter two were signed because of emergencies mid season so really what was the expectation?

Anyone who put Martin Mayhew Tom Carter is just plain retarded. Neither was a superstar but the reality is both started in the NFL for almost 10 years. Carter started 98 games in his career 31 after washington before injuries ended his career. Mayhew was once called by Gibbs our MVP when Darrell Green got hurt Mayhew went out and played against our opponents number 1's for half a season. He started 107 games, 60 after he played in Washington. You don't start that many games in the NFL because you can't play. Sean Gilbert played WELL his only year here. Not great, not pro bowl, but well. He wasn't sorry by any stretch. Plus he had a contract dispute which turned into two #1 draft picks for us. So you can't put him on the list. I think anyone who was only here one year can't be on the list. You need to really make an impact in bad play over time. Guys like Shuler, Westbrook, Andre Johnson, Tory Nixon, Taylor Jacobs, Dana Stubblefield, first round picks and big time free agents who were here for a few years and never quite made it count. Guys who had big expectations and miserably flamed out. You shouldn't even pick guys with big expectations who if they hadn't been high picks would have been thought of as pretty good.

Anyone who put Big Daddy Wilkinson on the list doesn't understand football. He was not a stats guy, didn't get sacks and tackles. But he ate up offensive lineman. Took two and three people to move him, allowing other guys to make plays. That was his job. Same as Siragusa in Baltimore. Problem was no one behind him made plays. He was solid. Not spectacular, but solid. Yes there were high expectations and no he wasn't the hall of famer a number 1 overall should be, but hardly a bust and hardly the worst ever.

Anybody who put Fred Smoot on here is not working with all their marbles either. You may not like him, you may thing he could be better, but he is hardly an awful player.

Oh and lastly any Redskins fan who thinks Babe Laufenberg should be here should move to another country. He was the epitomy of fan favorite. Every year he would fight through preseason stage some miracle comeback in the final seconds of a preseason game at midnight because the games started at 8, and then get cut the next day. Everyone would groan oh no not that Babe.

Who ever said Sterling Palmer, he was a fourth round draft pick, what did you expect Reggie White and Bruce Smith? He was adequate for a few years. That's what 4th round picks do. And someone said Kenard Lang, again solid for several years, but never spectacular. Doesn't make someone the worst. He started, here, Cleveland, and Denver. Played End and Tackle. Him solid versatile lineman, wish we had one of those now(even though you think he was a bust).

To the guy who said Keith Griffin. He was a tenth round pick(I repeat 10th round) and he played a significant role on the team for several years few years. His first two years he had 200 carries and 800 yards. Played 5 years here, had 1300 yards as the third string RB. How can you people not realize these things?

Whomever said Mark Carrier, he was old when he got here. Did anyone expect Ed Reed? He played decent, not great but okay, but got suspended for the following 4 games of the year and the Skins let him go. One year can't make someone the worst ever.

Personally I am leaning towards Stubby, Mo Elowanibi(even though he was only a 3rd round pick he was an outland trophy winner as the countries top Olineman in college I think), Shuler, Westbrook, Bob Slater(2nd round pick never played a game). I really want to say Trung Canidate but he only played one year and he was a bust in St. Louis before us, so we really shouldn't have thought he would be something special. For someone with so much hype I think Shuler is hands down the winner of this discussion with Stubby being an honorable mention for going from defensive MVP of the league to McD's most loyal customer in a year.

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Has anyone mentioned Brandon Lloyd?

As long as we're going for high expectations/low results might as well bring him up in this conversation. Paid him big bucks to be a #1 reciever and he ended up catching, what 10 catches over 2 years...

I'm just waiting for him to bust loose in Chicago now...everyone gets better when they leave the skins...:doh:

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This list can get nasty......DT Tracy Rocker,TE Terry Orr,WR Walter Stanley,WR Andre Reed,QB Carey Conklin, T Shar Pondanese(sp),CB Brain Davis,TE Scott Galbraith,S Alvin Walton and Ronnie Harman.

I may be mistaken but Terry Orr had one of the biggest plays in Redskins Super Bowl History, recovering the fumble on the kickoff after Denver took a 10-0 lead on us. He jumped in late in the pile and somehow came up with the ball....all that being said, don't know if it keeps him off the list... How does Alvin Walton make your list...he wasn't a bad player at all.

I would say Stanley Richard is a good choice though, along with Desmond Howard

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Ade Jimoh and David Terrell

all that other talk about Rod Gardner, Albert Connell, and Michael Westbrook being the worst player is not even close. I actually liked all 3 of them but Ade Jimoh and David Terrell I could never stand

THANK YOU. I can't believe I had to read through 4 pages of this thread, which accused Rod Gardner, Michael Westbrook, Sam Shade, Terry Orr, a couple QBs who came nowhere near playing a full season, Corey Raymer (good center, bad guard), among others to finally get to the bane of my existence, David "The Human Sieve" Terrell. The only justification that no one put him sooner is because he was blocked out by fans' subconsciousness as a defense mechanism. The guy SUCKED too much for words to describe. Ade Jimoh sucked, but he didn't start for a season, much less completely ruin an otherwise decent team's chances of doing anything special.

Honorable mention: Highway 57, Warrick Holdman.

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Andre Johnson was never a starter, thus he does not qualify for the thread rules. BTW he never played a down.

If the posters in this thread would have read the rules, the thread would be half as long. Heath Schuler, Danny Wuerffel, Andre Johnson, Jeff George, and many others are disqualitied from contention because they didn't start for an entire season. Read the damn rules, people.

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Albert Connell? I've seen a lot of posts stating he was a terrible starter for the Skins. You all better go back and look up his statistics, then look up which round he was drafted in. Bottomline on the field Connel was an overachiever for the Skins - terrible person, but played well for us. (And don't forget his knack for getting pass interference calls on the defender).

Westbrook he is my nominee for worst starter the past three decades.

Take your own advice, buddy.

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this list shares reflects the intelligence of some users here on ES!!!

Honestly it's kind of embarassing. Fred Smoot? What? I haven't seen anyone mention Brandon Lloyd, who actually falls under the rules of the thread, yet we're talking about Alvin Harper, Connell, Westbrook, Trung Candidate, Zeron Flemister, Bruce Smith, and Dieon Sanders? WTF? Im waiting for someone to say Laveraneus Coles just to put the icing on the idiot cake.

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