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  1. Very good day indeed all is right with the world. The Vikings did the world a big favor. F THE COWBOYS !!!
  2. It's a beautiful day in the nation's capital. All the bandwagon DMV fans are nowhere to be found. Everyone in my office that's cowboy fans are quiet it's like a funeral home heh. F*CK the Cowboys !!!!!
  3. F COWPUKES !!!!. Let's put a strangle hold on this chumps.
  4. I agree with as long as they win but the pink tutu's ? no way :laugh:
  5. YO Adrain !!( trying to do my best Rocky impression) . Ram that ball down the cowpukes throat.
  6. I agree I like them too they were tight. I do not have anything against the all-white either it's funny though wonder how many people were against them when we were on that winning streak to get in to the playoffs :laugh: of course things didn't go as well when they wore them last season:mad: .
  7. I happen to like the all white uniforms how soon we forget that it was the all white that got the ball rolling for us during that stretch we needed to get in to the playoffs . Yes, I guess I'm kind of superstitious too do not mess up a good thing:laugh: .
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