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Worst Redskins Player in History


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Some interesting choices, but if you go back to the original post, almost all the nominees FAIL because they don't follow the criteria established:

The player must have been a starter for the Redskins for more than one season.

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Dana Stubblefield is the worst Redskin player.......of ALL time. Cashed in, and was a tomato can of a DT for the Skins. A no-name 2nd stringer could have played no worse. Classic case of a guy mailing in his efforts after signing a fat new contract.

Patrick Ramsey at QB was Dan Marino in comparison...

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this thread coudl be fun... the objective is that the guy must be a starter on the skins team for more than 1 yr... no punters, and kickers can be included..

players from the 80s-90s, im certainly not a pro remember old redskins names

90s-00s era from petitbon, turner, and gibbs

00s-present spurrier, marty, gibbs

List your names!!!

I don't think he ever started, but Andre Johnson, a tackle the 'skins traded with the Cowboys to get into (or back into, I can't remember) the first round. Big time bust. Out of the league within a year.

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I'm so surprised this player has not been mentioned more on this thread, considering the criteria of starting for one season:

What about...... HIGHWAY 57!!!?

None other than WARRICK HOLDMAN!

That guy has got to be the worst starter for the Redskins that I have ever seen. I'm sorry at least Heath Shuler swept Dallas back in the day as a starter. I remember one bomb he threw across the field at Texas Stadium that was a thing of beauty. Yeah he basically stunk, but Holdman wins hands down.

I still remember that 36-0 Giants game, it seemed like every play, Tiki Barber ran right at Holdman and he was on his back, pancaked all day. I will NEVER forget that pathetic effort and for that reason he is my worst all time Redskin

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Let's See:

1) Heath Shuler

2) Sterling Palmer

3) Reggie Brooks

4) Robert Green

5) Lamont Hollinquest

6) Darryl Pounds

7) Stanley Richard

8) Ethan Horton (Was good with the Raiders)

9) Tydus Winans

10) Olanda Truitt

11) Greg Clifton

12) Jamie Asher

13) Al Noga

14) Tom Carter

15) Kenny Watson

16) Derrius Thompson

17) Chris Thomas

18) Zeron Flemister

19) John Friesz

20) Rod Stephens

There's probably more out there, but this is what I know right now.

The following don't deserve to be on your list. They were not great players but also nowhere near the worst players.

Reggie Brooks

Jamie Asher

Darryl Pounds

Kenny Watson

John Friesz

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A team is only as good as its worst player. From the the lists that everybody is giving, our team sucks. But as long as we are naming people who wore a Redskin uniform and stunk it up, how about Deion Sanders?

Dang, a couple posts ahead of me already nailed it.

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