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Worst Redskins Player in History


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I'd have to say Shar Pourdanesh LT and Rod Stephens MLB. I'll throw Heath Shuler in there too.

I'll never forget a game against Tampa back in the day when Tampa kept running the same exact running play. I think it was Matt Millen who was commentating on T.V.. They had to kinda calm him down because he was being so critical of Rod Stephens. He was very emotional. But he was correct. Tampa who was an awful team at that time just lined up and ran the ball down the Skins throats. Rod Stephens was terrible.

Shar Pourdanesh was an oxygen thief. He was about 6'7" and about 320 pounds and was softer than tissue paper. I mean used to get straight bull rushed and put on his back. No foot work or upper body strength at all. The worst LT in Redskin History to me.

I remeber that game...it was eric rhett's career game i think he had something like 177 yrds

Shar Pourdouche bag was traded to the pittsburg steelers for the cost of bus fare...ESPN reported it as past considerations but really we gave him away for nothing!

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This is can be rather expansive with the Redskins at one point getting everyone that was past their prime from other teams and it's even harder because you're asking for a PLAYER (singular)

Leonard Marshall

James Washington

Tom Carter

Martin Mayhew (This was a tough one because he could knock you silly when he wasn't reading the back of your jersey).

Michael Westbrook

Albert Connell

Deon Sanders

Martin Mayhew may have been one of our smarter CB's. Take him off the list. :thumbsup:

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We've had some TERRIBLE safeties. Am I the only one that remembers Darryl Morrison? The guy started 28 games for us. Stanley Richards was also awful as others have mentioned. Shar Pourdanesh drove me insane. I would have added Lloyd and Archuleta but they didn't start the required number of games.

We should have just skipped the drafts from '92 to '98.

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Okay, I tried to be nice but there are just to many dumb people posting here. Anyone who said Alvin Walton or Terry Orr should be locked up in an institution because you are a danger to yourself and others.

The discussion is about the worst players in Redskins history, so everyone who cut and pasted 3rd and 4th string players like Ade Jimoh, Tydus Winans, Olanda Truitt needs to stop posting until you get old enough to actually understand what you are watching.

Personally I am leaning towards Stubby, Mo Elowanibi(even though he was only a 3rd round pick he was an outland trophy winner as the countries top Olineman in college I think),

People are posting their opinions so get off your soapbox dude and chill out.:stick:

So people can't post their opinions, but you can say guys like Mo Elowanibi are valid picks as worst ever? :rolleyes:

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Bruce Smith, Brandon Lloyd, Adam Archuleta

Arch is still getting torched on play action passes in Chicago, and now we can look forward to the lethal combination of Rex Grossman to Brandon Lloyd.

The sad thing was that at the end of Bruce Smith's career, we couldn't really boo him. He just thought we were saying, "Bruuuuuuuce."

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This list can get nasty......DT Tracy Rocker,TE Terry Orr,WR Walter Stanley,WR Andre Reed,QB Carey Conklin, T Shar Pondanese(sp),CB Brain Davis,TE Scott Galbraith,S Alvin Walton and Ronnie Harman.

Alvin Walton?! Are you serious?! I loved that guy, and he did NOT suck.

Add Reggie Brooks

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Heath Shuler or Andre Johnson I would say. At least Albert Connell and Westbrook had 1000 yard seasons so I dont know why anyone would say they were the worst ever. Rod Gardner was pretty bad. I actually like Carlos Rodgers but with Merriman and a couple others still on the board that made the Rodgers pick a flop!

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Having been a 'Skins fan for almost 30 years now, I've seen my share of stiffs.

Here's my list:

Heath Shuler

Stanley Richard

Brandon Lloyd

Adam Archuleta

Desmond Howard

Dana Stubblefield

Shar Pourdanesh.

Shuler tops my list because he was supposed to be our franchise QB. Instead, he turned into our biggest draft flop.

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Off the top of my head, there were many aweful players, though some weren't really full time.

Shane Matthews

Trung Candidate

Ade Jimoh, got smoked every long pass play

heath shuler (obviously)

Adam Archuletta (oh god...)

Tony Banks

Patrick Ramsey

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