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Favorie BAD movie


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For me its easy:

Maximum Overdrive.

Edit: drums and skins, nice poster! Never saw that one before. :cheers:

Straight from wikipedia ;)

I saw a different one, but i wanted something more cheesy ...and the line about Stephen King's "masterpiece"...that did it.

Two movies mentioned that I don't think should be considered "bad" at all, mostly because they had decent budgets and were legitimate box office features: The Fifth Element (has a large cult following too) and Waterworld. 5th Element is definitely something a bit strange for Luc Besson (Leon: The Professional, The Transporter), but it is what it is. Its not incredibly good, but its not B-movie bad; the movie isn't something like the Super Mario Bros. movie. I never understood why people thought Waterworld was so incredibly bad...It was filmed on captivating sets and actually had some what of a unique story (sure, its very Mad Max like...but thats besides the point).

I would put the Evil Dead trilogy up there, but I actually like the movie for what it is and wouldn't consider it a "bad" movie.

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"Think, Leroy! You have just opened a fortune cookie with no fortune, written by a master who does not exist. There is one place that you have not looked, and it is there, only there that you will find the master!" -The Last Dragon

Ha! I own it on DVD. It's amazing what you can find in the $4.99 bin @ Walmart.

Shonuff: WHOOO's THE MASTAH!!!!?!!!

Leroy:.................... I AM.....I.........AM!


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There's a movie I've seen a couple of times where these giant bunnies terrorize the farmland. Every time they show the bunnies romping around, it's clearly a miniature train set or something. I can't remember the name of it, but it's definitely ****-tastic. :laugh:

:laugh: When you talk about bad movies, that has to be the all time worst. Here is a link to a film clip from the movie. http://www.badmovies.org/multimedia/movies6/nightlepus1.mpg


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Batman & Robin, and anything lampooned by Mystery Science Theater: 3000.

There ya go. I'm happy someone finally said it. Of the MST3K films, Riding with Death, Cave Dwellers and Space Mutiny are my faves.

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