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  1. Froch gets the majority decision over Direll. AD was on his bike all night. A disgraceful showing by him.
  2. That is the one guy with no shot to win this. Abraham will KO him. Taylor has no stamina or heart.
  3. Looking forward the SM tourney. Kessler looks like the favorite.
  4. Vitali with the KO in 5 tomorrow. Hopkins would murder Jones.
  5. No respect at all for Mayweather. He makes JMM come up 3 weightclasses and still comes in overweight. And still can't get the KO. Shane would destroy Mayweather.
  6. I'm taking Marquez at the 4/1. Reward is much greater than the risk. Marquez beat Manny P twice regardless of what the cards said.
  7. Absolute robbery. Paulie won that fight fairly easily. Crooked hometown judges.
  8. Any gamblers put huge money on Kelly Pavlik. Williams has zero power at 147 and he is moving up to 160 to fight the hardest puncher in the game. Easy money.
  9. Arreola is going to get worked like a speed bag. Vitali with the KO before the 7th round.
  10. That won't matter. Pavlik had to go up over 10 lbs against Hopkins. PW will have to go up at least that much against KP. KP's power will absolutely kill Williams.
  11. Paul Williams has zero chance to beat Pavlik. PW has absolutely no power, and is the much smaller and weaker man. Pavlik with a KO in about 7 rounds. The Super Middleweight tourney is going to be awesome.
  12. How they would leave the best boxer in that division out of that tourney is odd. War Pavlik.
  13. Ortiz got beat, but that guy is total class.
  14. Clottey won. Horrible decision.
  15. Ward looked okay. Miranda is a shell of his former self. Ward needed a KO to establish some legitimacy.
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