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Favorie BAD movie


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My favorite guilty pleasure movie is "Weekend at Bernie's," a movie so bad, it was funny! A close second would by "Devil in the Flesh," which stars the lovely Rose McGowan.

Weekend at Bernie's wasn't a bad movie at all. If I'm not mistaken it did very well at the box office, and they did make a second one because its success.

I laughed my head off on this one.

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I turned a 50 year old friend of mine who taught military history onto that and he now regards it as "the best movie ever made" :laugh: he got a vhs of it and has had parties where they just drink beer watch it and applaud, rewind etc. :laugh:

WTF? :laugh:

You should be careful and only use your powers for good, Jumbo.

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That's right, I got my movies mixed up.

That's the snow skiing movie.

The other one of that style, is One Crazy Summer, if I'm not mistaken.

Yes that's right...hard to believe that movie came out 20 years ago...WHERE DID THOSE YEARS GO???? (and while I'm at it where did my hair go too?)

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Okay... here's a good crap movie that I cant resist watching... it actually has some big name people in it too, like Jeff Goldbloom (a step down from the later jurassic park payday) Geena Davis, and Michael Richards (its hilarious watching Kramer in this movie!)

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St. Elmo's Fire (Embrassing to admit)

GI Jane (Universally panned, but I liked it, so sue me)

The Breakfast Club (Even more embarrassing to admit!)

The Specialist (I hate Stallone, but i watch this every time I flip around and see it on)

I don't know about St. Elmo's Fire, but these other movies aren't "bad" movies. The Breakfast Club is an awesome movie. The other two aren't good movies, but aren't bad enough to be mentioned in this... there's no shame in liking The Specialist.

A favorite of mine...

I know its bad, but I'm not sure if its actually that bad.


I just laugh at the crazy end all the time.

"Two days after, a large UFO was destroyed in space by a Russian 'weather satellite,' which happened to be equipped with a laser cannon and class IV nuclear missiles."

Man, Stephen King has come a long way.

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Got to love some Dolemite.

"You no-business, rat-soup-eatin' HONKIE MUTHA*****S!!"



Random Person walking by: "Hey, need some help?"

Disco Godfather: "This is an Angel Dust factory."

Random Person walking by: "Angel Dust? Let's kick some ass then!"

(Randon Person jumps in the bad Kung Fu scene)


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