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  1. JoeJGibbs

    The Beer Thread

    Lion's Head is a great no frills beer. Prob the best tasting, cheap beer I've had. (Brewed in Scranton) Most things from Troeg's, Bell's, Brooklyn, Sam Smtih or Victory breweries. Victory Golden Monkey Christmas time(Troeg's Mad Elf) is awwwwwwwwwwesome and will put you on your arse. Sam Adams Cherry Wheat Sam Adams Lite is the best domestic light beer imo, but it's $30 a case, which is steep for a lite beer, but it's really crisp. Miller Lite is my "I'm going to be drinking all day" beer.
  2. JoeJGibbs

    Random Thought Thread

    You ever notice when you get in an elevator, the person that keeps pushing the "Close Doors Button". The "close doors button" doesnt even work, you press it the doors still close on its on timer but If you press the open door button the doors open immediately.
  3. JoeJGibbs

    Show Yourselves II

    what page is your pic on blondie?
  4. JoeJGibbs

    Show Yourselves II

    lol what is blondies babe thread
  5. JoeJGibbs

    Show Yourselves II

    South Beach, me the afternoon of the Dolphins vs Skins game @ Miami.