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Random Thought Thread

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I had another random thought, but I completely forgot what it was. Sucks to be over 30. :doh:

Oh yeah!! Two things about working in a nursing home:

1) Dementia comes early to you through osmosis.

2) It's great to work at a place where, when you fart, you can blame it on the residents. :silly:

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Im proably gonna get banned from this site for saying this but, right now but i actually kind of need the offseason. Like its so weird right now i really dont care for football at all. I am in love with college basketball.

But once football season starts its obviously differnt. Idk maybe i just like college basketball better.Im weird i dunno.

Anyone else have this problem?

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I hate my own fart smell. you need to get a better nose. Try the nosetron 3000.

I'm reminded of a comedy routine I heard. He suggested that someone go to a party and take a **** on the coats, just to see how the people reacted. At some point in the night someone will come into the room and say, "someone took a **** on the coats", and then you just say, "better not be on my coat" and you're in the clear. Then you just watch and observe.

Sorry, it didn't work....

Damn it.

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