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  1. Frozen. Again, and again, and again, and again........and again, and again, and again, and again....................................
  2. We love that commercial. So cute. And yes you should do it, ljs---there is nothing like tailgating with these here home Skins folks
  3. Can't sleep and it isn't even Gameday Eve.
  4. It's starting again. Only a pre-season game but I can't sleep!
  5. Thank you for the update on how you are doing. But you didn't answer my question. Let me clarify: is anyone else having a hard time sleeping after the long, awful day after GOING TO THE GAME and physically witnessing the hell called a football game in the 37 degree rain and tailgate today, totally exhausted, yet unable to sleep?
  6. LMAO praise gibbs @ your vote :rotflmao: my vote: cotton nightie and socks if I am cold I add pj pants (have no idea how old that poll is) Anyway, is anyone else unable to sleep after that loss? I am stymied.
  7. We are not okay. We really need prayers. Thank you guys so much for your kind words.
  8. Thank you guys for caring. (& motorhead, HogNose). It's not something I can discuss on here. A new struggle out of the blue. Life can be turned upside down in one moment.
  9. Me, too. When I said last night I didn't want to go to sleep, it was because I had this bad feeling that something bad was about to happen. Well I was right.
  10. I don't want to go to sleep and I don't know why.
  11. Yes. Thank you Pittsburgh! (Best thing about the win, you meanie mean meanies!)
  12. AHFB-After Hours Fun Bunch. Who Del penned it and the thread. It was huge a few years ago. The 4C made fun of us but became apart of it, lol. It was fun. But it took over kind of so the thread was shut down. The originals were Who Del, meetST, visionary, praise gibbs, theREALJBird, Enter Apotheosis, kevinklein, Sweet Sassy Molassy, honorary_hog, rincewind, Mr. Pinstripe and myself. Yeah it's awesome how one thing can bring us all together. One night. One thread. One thought. It's just totally awesome. I think, what if I didn't stay up too late that night? Would I have had all of these good me
  13. Aw. :cloud9: No doubt! This is such an epic thread. Right around page 46 was the beginning of the nights we stayed up late chatting. April 19th 2006 we like stayed up all night and the next morning the AHFB was born. Those were the days. A lot of people got to know each other fast on this board because of this thread. Great thread. Lots of awesome random thoughts.
  14. Darn! I have thoughts about mortality as well. But I like to smooth over negative thoughts with positive ones!
  15. What? You are moving back to DC?!!! Cool! That means you will be going to lots of Redskins games with us!
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