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  1. SkinsForLife260

    Random Thought Thread

    Im proably gonna get banned from this site for saying this but, right now but i actually kind of need the offseason. Like its so weird right now i really dont care for football at all. I am in love with college basketball. But once football season starts its obviously differnt. Idk maybe i just like college basketball better.Im weird i dunno. Anyone else have this problem?
  2. SkinsForLife260

    Show Yourselves II

    Do you like all my skins gear. I am such a jk The jacket is so retro, it has the superbowl years and patches.:point2sky
  3. SkinsForLife260

    Show Yourselves II

    Re do of me! I want to edit some other pics.
  4. SkinsForLife260

    Show Yourselves II

    Heres me. I am the taller kid on the left of the photo. Yea this pick just came out on my school volleyball site. I didn't have any other pics of me on digital.