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Favorite Metallica song (joining the trend)

Mr. S

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Toss up between

For Whom the Bell Tolls & The Call Of Ktulu

both from the Ride the Lightning album

Love these too though.....

Metal Militia - Kill 'em all

One - the MTV Video Remix - ...And Justice for All

Master of Puppets - Master of Puppets

Trapped Under ice - Ride the Lightning

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Joining the thread for music favorites, would like to know people's favorite Metallica song.

I would have to say Creeping Death, followed by Master of Puppets and Fade to Black.

excellent thread Mr. S. and excellent choices. mine are the same, except Master is first, followed by Creeping Death, and #3 is Disposable Heroes.

honorable mentions: fight fire with fire, orion, the call of ktulu, and battery!!

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