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  1. Jason La Canfora is 3 1/2 feet tall.
  2. So? Most of the music I like is from before I was born, and so are alot of the movies, including Star Wars. Just because it came out before I existed doesn't mean it doesn't still exist.
  3. It's certainly more appropriate for you. I've just never seen a better picture than me wearing a Boba Fett helmet, giving the thumbs up, next to Boba Fett (who's apparently like 8 inches shorter than me), also giving the thumbs up. BTW, whatever happened to the 421?
  4. I can beat those. I have pictures of me, as Boba Fett, with Boba Fett (at Star Wars Weekends @ Disney MGM), and me as Boba Fett on a landspeeder.
  5. Why doesn't Abe Vigoda get more leading roles these days?
  6. I can't wait to finish my project and go smoke some pot.
  7. Smoking anything.... exotic, that night?
  8. College. I used to live in Coral Springs.
  9. I'm pretty sure that if you saw the whole thing it'd make sense. To the right of me in that pic (before I edited it) is my friend Justin blowing out hookah smoke. My friend Lindsay, who took the picture, used color effects to make the smoke look purple. Basically, it just looks cool.
  10. Finally got a picture of me on my computer.
  11. Aw man, there's going to be alot of that this weekend. Hopefully there won't be any pics to post, but if there are, I'll be a good Extremeskinner and post them.
  12. Someone put that as a background on a computer in my Psych class. I felt really badly laughing at a kid with Down Syndrome, but that's pretty f*cking funny.
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