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  1. I wish I could be as bad at my job without getting fired as NFL announcers are.
  2. And it has been the story all year. Their OC has no idea how to use Kirk. Vikings fans who watch every game say this even when they win. I am getting tired of the same conversation every week with the owner of the local grocery store.
  3. I live in SW Minnesota and now understand why my Vikings fans friends can't stand the OC. He's trying to play Tic-Tac-Toe with twigs and rocks and the other team is playing chess. Every play call takes too long develop for the DL you are facing.
  4. There is the EXACT same type of holding called on Moses EVERY down by the Packers.
  5. If the NFL actually wanted to get calls right they would invest a few of the billions of dollars they have in fixed cameras down the lines that matter. Sideline, goal line, and line to gain for first down. Instead, we have nothing fixed and replays that literally have movement and zoom from inconclusive angles are being used to make these decisions.
  6. What a debacle officiating is in the NFL. That was obviously a false start.
  7. As much as I am happy that holding call happened I don't like this third team that is in every NFL game now. The guys in that stripey uniform never lose.
  8. Watching the RedZone channel with them flipping between games you see a lot of empty seats and a lot of stadiums with the colors of the other teams. It isn't just FedEx.
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