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Best Looking stadiums in the NFL


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I love Raymond James stadium. absolutely beautiful... and great location. Nice and open... lots of grass and areas to tailgate.

What's the appeal of the New Soldier Field? I don't get it.

As much as I hate to admit it (because I hate the bucs sooooooo much living bucland with all the bucheads) It's no only a good looking stadium with open endzones and the ship, but that stadium transformed those bandwagon fans, and possibly had a big affect on the team. here's a pic before they tore down the Old sombrero site of the SB XVIII defrocking :doh:


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Cincinnatti has a HELLUVA nice stadium. That entire area on the water in downtown Cincy with the new baseball stadium, etc. is really nice and really well done.

Never been there, but Arrowhead looks pretty awesome. It doesn't even look like a stadium.

Qwest is beautiful... but sorry, it is disqualified because of the turf. :mad:

Have you guys/gals seen the plans for Minnesota's new stadium? NICE.


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