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When will this Tom and Katie thing end?


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I was just watching BET and he was a guest on some show which has some top 10 countdown, don't know which it is but it has a guy and girl host. Anyway, only like 2 minutes into watching it they start trying to get him to dance and he starts swaying back and forth and they are like wow you can't control yourself, he is like I know Im having a hard time trying and the hosts were like what makes you feel that way and he responds by saying Kate.:puke: Anyway, the girl host is like oh is she here, let me go in the back and get her. Meanwhile, Tom is cackling like a madman and then Katie comes out and they give each other this HUGE hug.:puke: Anyway, the rest of the show they can't get off Tom and Katie.:puke:

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Originally posted by codeorama

Get over it people.... Hey, I'm still married to my wife after 7 years, why isn't there a thread about that????


There's a certain irony to the fact that this was posted over a seductive pic of Anna Kournakova. ;) :laugh:
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So Tom & Katie in 2005

is like Ben & Jen in 2004?

I could care less.....

They're actors, they can play characters in a story for the entertainment of others.

Outside their acting skills, so what-- I don't know them, won't ever know them, don't care if they're getting married, divorced, having kids, screwing around on each other, their political or religious views or anything else for that matter.

Just act in a good movie, so I can spend $7.00 and see it or rent it.

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