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  1. Pavlik - Williams has been pushed back from Oct. 3 to Nov. 21. Supposedly, Kelly is having an issue with one of his knuckes.
  2. Can't speak for whether or not titles are on the line, but this is officially a welterweight bout. Any bout fought over 140 and under 147 goes down as welterweight. So, if Cotto wants to put his belt on the line it will be. The belts are irrelevant in this fight anyways.
  3. Ward couldn't make the press conference due to the flu.
  4. Clottey has a granite chin and underrated defense, but if Cotto comes out and boxes he should win a clear decision. At the same time, I just don't know how Cotto will react following the Margarito fight. The Jennings fight really showed us nothing when you consider the level of the opponent. Clottey is not that big of a puncher, and Cotto's chin has improved since he's moved up to 147. I really am unsure about this fight, but I see it playing out with Cotto handily winning rounds when staying on the outside and moving. There will be some exciting moments when they trade punches, and I can see
  5. Ward is a hell of a fighter. One that certainly can win belts at 168, but he's going to get knocked out. And when he does get KO'ed it's gonna be brutal.
  6. I gave Clottey a great chance to pull the upset to begin with, but after hearing about the issues in Cotto's camp I'm gonna wager a nice sum on Joshua. However, if there is one guy who looks like he can put aside distractions it is Cotto.
  7. Dan Rafael mentioned that should Cotto come out of this weekend relatively unscathed he could be fighting Cintron (who would be moving back down to 147) in June. I understand Cintron has a family to support, but I really wonder if he should still be fighting. I have my doubts that his heart is truly in the sport. Just a thought but If Mosley/Cotto II can't be made HBO should really consider doing a PPV or WCB of Cotto/Clottey with Berto/Collazo II in the supporting bout. The winners could fight at the end of the year if this Pacquiao/Hatton/Mosley/Mayweather mess doesn't get sorted out.
  8. With Nate moving up to 140 the fight being mentioned that I would love to see him take is versus Juan Urango for the IBF title. That's a phone booth bout that would see some hellacious body shots. Urango hurt Hatton a couple of times with body shots when they fought a few years ago. Funeka is a tough guy with a lot of heart. He needs to spend some time in the gym learning how to defend overhand rights. If he learns that he can be a top guy at 135. Angulo was impressive in his victory, but the guy has absolutely no defense. He fights like Margarito but without the godly chin. We'll see him ex
  9. I agree with pretty much everything you say. The Manfredo stoppage was garbage, but it was only a matter of time. By the way if you didn't see Sakio Bika annihilate Manfredo last year it's certainly worth looking for a copy. Very impressive by Bika. He's kind of a forgotten man in the division, since many people forget he gave Calzaghe a bit of trouble in their bout a few years back. Calzaghe/Dawson is THE fight to make should Calzaghe grow restless in retirement. Dawson didn't go down in the Johnson fight, but he was in serious trouble during the fight. In fact he was very close to going dow
  10. I typically do not agree with anything you say in this thread, but I'm with you on this one. I haven't picked Calzaghe by knockout in years, but I do think he'd stop Dawson. That's not to say Dawson would not present Joe with some problems in the early going. Dawson has been in trouble multiple times, and I think Calzaghe would be able to get him out of there due to his professionalism and patience. If we're lucky we'll see Dawson/Johnson II later this year. I'd bet it against it, but it's a meaningful fight and one that Chad should take. There really aren't that many fights out there for Cha
  11. Wlad doesn't get pissed off. He's fought like an enormous vagina his last few times out, and I expect that trend will continue on Saturday. On paper Wlad probably should knock him out, but I really would not be surprised if this is the toughest fight he has since the Sam Peter fight. I'm saying it right now, if Wlad fights in the passive way where he does not throw the right hand at all he will be pushed to the limits. That left jab will not be enough to keep Tony off him, and even though Tony is not a KO artist anything can happen when you touch Wlad's chin. Tony has the size and skills to pu
  12. The rumor circulating is that Pacman will fight Edwin Valero later this year. If he wins the Valero match and Hatton beats Malignaggi the powers that be at HBO want to make a superfight between Hatton and Pacquiao for early next year.
  13. Of the three fights televised tonight the Maskaev/Peter bout is the one I care least about. The Enzo/Haye Cruiserweight unification fight on Showtime should be action packed for however long it lasts. While the Baby Bull versus Nate Campbell should be a damn good fight too.
  14. Come on, man. There's no doubt Wlad is the class of the heavyweight field right now, but can you honestly say he would have even had so much as a shot against a prime Lennox, Evander, Riddick Bowe, etc.
  15. That Chambers fight was frustrating to watch. Eddie was absolutely schooling Povetkin for the first four rounds by throwing the straight right off the jab, but then he just abandoned it completely. The right hand that put the mouse under Povetkin's eye in the second was an absolute thing of beauty. Chambers is one of the best technical boxers in the Heavyweight division right now, but he just doesn't have enough fighter in him. His defense is exceptional, and his hands are extremely fast for a big man. This is by no means the end of the road, but Eddie is going to have to make some adjustments
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