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  1. The makers of CoD should have just tweaked their gameplay since MW instead of adding dumb **** that makes no sense like exo skeletons. There's plenty of room for an arcadey modern shooter in the FPS genre (just like there's room for Halo, BF4, CS, TF, etc)
  2. yes. the pvp is aiight i guess. there's nothing exciting about it. i've never had an experience like in BF4 when you are dog fighting, or you shoot a plane with a tank (or any other legit moment where you are like WHOA HOW DID I DO THAT), or Titanfall the first time you eject and smoke the dude who was on your back. it's pretty laggy being over in south korea tho (worse then BF4 or another other game I play, i'm guessing it's peer to peer but not sure). pulse rifles and scout rifles seem worthless and i think the titan bubble is a bit too strong in the objective game types. ive been leveli
  3. beat the destiny raid in about an hour yesterday. this game sucks, but the raid is the best part of it. gonna hit up hard once im 30.
  4. Yes. I have to buy PSN money cards. Their online store on PS4 is ok, but the website is ****.
  5. Metacritic has Infamous around 81ish, which means it's a solid game.
  6. it's nothing like killzone...also, it's been assumed that TF2 is coming to PS4 since Microsoft and EA signed the deal for Microsoft exclusivity (Since Respawn head said the deal is for the first game only basically the day the deal was struck). It would be a shock if they signed another deal for TF2, not the other way around... it's a short platformer with puzzles that involve drawing lines to solve them. every world adds a new drawing mechanic. boring and repetitive is a personal thing so i can't really comment on that.
  7. max is a lovely platformer. i have strider but haven't played it yet.
  8. the 37 minute run is just an average playthrough. It's not a speedrun. I'm sure there's more content outside of that (which is why I would pay 15 bucks for it), but the main story is roughly 45 minutes to an hour and a half long. I bet a full achievement/trophy playthrough (collectibles, and whatever else is in there) would be between 4-10 hours. Worth 15 bucks.
  9. Eurogamer MGS: GZ speed run, beat it in 10 minutes. Another guy doing just a normal run of the main story (no side quests or anything like that) ended up beating it in 37 minutes. I'll pick this up when it's 15 bucks. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4dINNhfwVgI&feature=youtu.be
  10. he probably hasn't played it. it's in game. you boot up origin, then boot up TF, then join a game.
  11. this game is legit. it's a little bare bones as far as options and **** left out, but as far as gameplay, the game great. maybe if activision focused more on improving gameplay after the last 4 CoDs, and less on adding stupid **** like heat maps, 15 attachments that do basically the same thing, and streaming to youtube, the game would be decent. but it's a former shell of itself and Titanfall fills the gap it left IMO.
  12. are you being daft, or...yea? you said 792 pixels, not 792p. the p doesn't mean pixels. It means progressive scan. maybe you just had a brain fart.
  13. he said he didn't take his meds...so is he trolling you now?
  14. CTF is insane as fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.
  15. it's over 1.1 million pixels...
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