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Mini-review of Batman Begins


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Guess what I saw tonight! :D

Eat your hearts out, kids. :D


IT WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't WAIT to see it again!

But damnit, the official opening is 8 days away :(

And for the ladies and non-traditional males of our fine membership - there is bare chested Christian Bale therein. And it was beautiful to me :D

I wouldn't even know where to begin. Except to say that IMHO this movie kicks the crap out of the Burton movies.


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Originally posted by Spaceman Spiff

How'd you get to see it so early?

My husband works for one of the divisions of Time-Warner. They screened it for selected employees and their families this evening.

...and thanks, iheartskins. ;)

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I can't wait.

I love the Bat, and i am thrilled to hear they did it right finally.

I know I'll be in the minority, but i haven't liked any of the movies yet. I know everyone digs the first one, and it is good, for the sets and Jack Nicholson, but Batman sucks in it. Michael Keaton is what, 5' 6" Woo.

The Joker and his cronies kill everyone in an art museum, Batman busts thru the skylight.. grabs the girl ... and runs away? The Bat cleans house. Joker and his gang are done right then and there.

The second movie was flat out embarrassing, that one and the fourth one can compete for two of the worst comic movies ever.

The third one was my favorite, because they took it over the top. Jim Carrey was fantastic, and even Tommy Lee Jones was good, because as Two Face, his acting style of yelling at everyone worked just fine.

I am hyped for this new one.


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Bang... the first batman was cool because it was quasi-believable. I mean, it could happen, right? :paranoid:

I thought m keaton was a great choice in that regard... would you rather it have been Arnold of Van Damme? :) :puke:

The rest were terrible... looking forward to this one though.

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always good to get a heads up on movies before i go see em, thanks for that. gotta be careful these days with hollywood producing so much crap and 'critics' giving them all 'two thumbs up' and the 'the best movie of X year'(in february!):doh:

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