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  1. :laugh: I think I have seen you at NVCC Annandale in the library! Picture does you justice :laugh: I am now officially in hell, because I just know that this will be a fixture in all of my nightmares. Thankyewverymuch. :mad:
  2. Ah, I see - sounds interesting and like a cause that is worthy. We could probably use some of that here (and probably in other places too) with a number of different groups (not just minorities either...). Cool.
  3. manic, I look at those pictures, and I think of what my grandmother used to tell me: "You better hope your face doesn't freeze like that..." :laugh: Nibbs, what do you teach?
  4. Except in Philadelphia. There is an exception to every rule
  5. I think it's a great pic, manic Doesn't matter about the nose...the hair says it all
  6. Sknzfan, check your PMs (if you do not know how, you can look at them by clicking on the "USERCP" link at the very top of this page). I sent you some info.
  7. Here's a smaller version of your pic - you both have nice smiles
  8. Here ya go, section 226 You may want to try using a freeware image resizer - here's one that I found: http://www.imageresizer.com/
  9. RIP, One Dollar. If I may add this one, Tarhog? This is stratoman, everyone. Another classy guy who left us way too soon. For a while there, Die Hard was carrying tribute images in his sig...it would be neat to see those again somewhere...
  10. LOL!!! You know the right words there, my friend. That phrase is right up there with "you're right, honey" and "I can't WAIT for you to give me my honey-do list, sweetheart" and "you look beautiful". Your wife has taught you well...
  11. KB has posted inappropriate pictures before with the urge to disrupt - see the Blondies Babes thread. That is why I responded as I did.
  12. You guys have not learned yet the danger involved when you use a woman's weight as a tool to make a joke? Didn't the "mocking" picture in the Florida girls thread a few weeks ago teach y'all?
  13. If you had looked back...oh, I'd say about 2 or 3 pages...you would have had a real one of me. But that would have been too easy, I suppose. Easier to "flatter" me with your wit. Thanks for picking this representation. I guess I would most closely resemble the lady on the right, if I had to pick one of them. But I would say that I am at least 25 pounds lighter than she is, if not more. And my hair isn't that red. And you would never catch me dead out in public or near a camera in a bikini. So yeah, this is *so* me and my posse.
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