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  1. nickfox45

    Show Yourselves II

    as a witness to the event in question, id like to clarify there are no bra's, bro's, or man-zeer's on any men involved. i believe the wet look came from one too many games of beer pong, and as you can see, we decided to reuse the boxes as hats! go XPT!
  2. nickfox45

    Show Yourselves II

    you may be half drunk, but at least your face isnt completely obscured. however, your brother with the helmet looks so freakin' pumped, i dont care!:laugh:
  3. nickfox45

    Show Yourselves II

    i cant imagine why dks doesnt want to post a pic of herself. maybe because she gets hit on enough for that lower back shot? :doh: although in her defense(and to infuriate everyone), let me assure you that i know dks in real life and there is no need to worry gentlemen, she is very hot.