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  1. reposts from page 14 are one thing. reposts from page 150 (that have been posted like 10 times in the last five pages) are another. check the thread before posting. t.i.a.
  2. Congratulations unsonny--those milestones are all due to your efforts.
  3. Here's one that I thought was pretty good.
  4. Who Del, in my PM to you, which you have decided to share, in part, with the ADHB crew, stated nothing about chatting or spamming the Board. It only mentioned the fact that the thread in question looked to about to get into an argument. It might have, it might not have. I, along with other members of the Staff, have been empowered to close those threads before they turn ugly. I exercised that power. You are all taking this personally--which it wasn't. Unless this thread gets back to actually random thoughts, I'm inclined to close it too.
  5. http://www.extremeskins.com/forums/announcement.php?f=24 Check out Rule 18.
  6. All, if you are going to question the decisions of a Moderator, which is a clear and direct violation of the rules, I'd suggest you do it in a place other than where I (or other moderators) can see it.
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