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  2. desertbeagle85

    Welcome to the NFL Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State

    No you won't you'll hide like everyone else calling him a bust after 2 quarters of NFL action. I think some of you forget he's 22 years old. Baker Mayfield says stupid **** every week and people have been all over his balls for the last year. Even though the guy has been trash all year.
  3. Hey Tulsi, Warren got a lot more speaking time because people were attacking her because she's a front-runner and they were giving her time to defend herself. That didn't happen with you because you're too irrelevant for anyone to spend debate time attacking.
  4. So, since I apparently am willing to waste my time, here's another attempt at a sum-up: Michael Moore was just on TV raving about how much he loves Elizabeth Warren, how great she is, how he would never say a negative word about her. He spent several minutes talking about how Democrats do well when they nominate women, and asked why the Democrats don't put out a ticket with two women on it. So, while that women he loves and admires is locked in what everyone who knows anything can recognize is a two person race vs a candidate Moore doesn't really want to win the nomination, Moore instead chose to endorse a 78 year old who just had a heart attack, and didn't really have a chance before that. You're right. It was silly of me not to call that a brilliant strategic move.
  5. Today
  6. Bludgeoned him into a ceasefire by basically giving him everything he wanted and getting nothing of substance in return. Sort of like how Trump "bludgeoned" Kim Jong Un into giving up his nuclear program?
  7. Can someone tell me the question that was asked? Finlay says someone asked DH about the "reports that he might not be ready for NFL action"...was that how it was asked? I can't quite make it out other than something at the end like "How do you process that" or something.
  8. I mean, what makes you think I havent? From what I gather shes want to treat war more as a last resort it should be because of how much money it costs should be going to homeland investment, that foesnt mean taking war completely off the table. Shes making the arguement we cant keep troops places indefinitely at the costs of trillions of dollars an expect to afford stuff like infrastructure and MFA. Shes right, the **** will bankrupt us and we dont look at it that because defense contractors are for profit and people keep helping us cover or deficits without asking questions. Ya, I've tried to defend her when shes right for a while now, but she makes it straight up impossible when shes wrong.
  9. I think it’s incredibly stupid to be critical of them aligning with someone whom reflects their views. Especially since Bernie just had a great debate.
  10. BenningRoadSkin

    The Impeachment Thread

    Tbf to Rudy, this was done in plain sight and was reported on in the media. The problem is the media didn’t actually delve deeper into it until the whistleblower.
  11. 757SeanTaylor21

    The Top 5 ---

    T boz by a long shot
  12. Who said anything about not "letting them"? Are you not "letting me" point out how incredibly stupid they're being?
  13. I’d think they’d opt to DH Howie & play Cabrera at 2B. I don’t even think that’s a question. Same obviously if Dozier is in the lineup.
  14. Isn’t Bernie a progressive champion? They agree with his policies more than Warren. Let them do that.
  15. What actually is her foreign policy? Go back and look over her comments recently and over the years. I think you might be surprised, lol. She isn’t anti-intervention or anti-war.
  16. Man, I agree with a lot of this. I don’t think she is working with the Russians at all, but she is a narcissist and clout chaser. Gabbard is a useful idiot for Russia, and is a right-wing Democrat. But her views on foreign policy are close to what we should be aiming.
  17. If you want to make the arguement she tried to hard to seem impartial on whether Assad used chemical weapons, I agree, her backtrack did not work. But I spoke specifically to US intervention overseas and the dangers of saying someone who is basically an isolationist is doing it for Russia. When I made the thread about even discussing leaving NATO the thread devolved into people accusing each other of Russian talking points, now were talking about whether to sanction Turkey or kick them out if NATO. For Hillary to even insinuate that candidates like Tulai could be getting backed by the Russians without an investigation is going to backfire and give Tusli the type of victim attention she doesnt deserve. We cant be afraid to have these conversations, I'm more concerned about what seems to be her outward admission if realpolitik, but there are generals that feel we can and should close our overseas bases. I agree with calling her out, I do not agree with throwing around the traitor tag, that is a dangerous label that's going to prevent honest conversations about our foreign policy. I hate what Pete did insinuating that because she wanted to get out of Syria she supported how Trump did it, that's not what shes doing.
  18. StillUnknown

    Anything MMA, except thumb wrestling

    MMA is a weird place. Weidman & Rockhold are former champions at 185 and got wrecked going to 205 while Thiago Santos & Anthony Smith are thriving after being non-contenders at 185. I fear for my guy Jacare's upcoming fight at 205lbs
  19. NoCalMike

    Anything MMA, except thumb wrestling

    Would Greg Hardy even be on main cards if he wasn't Greg Hardy? I am not writing him off as a fighter or anything but it seems like he is getting these higher profile main card sports merely on the basis that Dana thinks people will tune in to see "that guy"
  20. Marino is arguably the greatest QB ever. You are seriously comparing the dude who threw 3 picks in his first half of football to Marino who started as a rookie with a 12-4 record in an era when rookies never started? Haskins equivalent at this point is Ryan Leaf. And that’s being generous. There was legitimate debate to pick Leaf over Peyton Manning. Haskins is a bust. His attitude is garbage and if another coach is forced to make him the starter we will end up with Zorn 2.0. Let’s pretend McLaurin was the first round pick and move on. Dwayne is a complete bust. We can pretend we need more time to get to that conclusion but we don’t. It’s a sunk cost at this point. Let’s not make it worse by pretending.
  21. Dr. Do Itch Big

    Anything MMA, except thumb wrestling

    Chris has no chin. That straight left was nice tho.
  22. This is an idiotic take. She may not literally be working for Putin but she sure as hell has done what she can to make it seem like she is...for years now. She repeats Russian propaganda and whataboutisms, and went out of her way to white wash mass murder and chemical weapons war crimes in Syria, she whines about the Mueller investigation and impeachment and she’s constantly defended and supported by Russia and fellow conspiracy theorists and racists. Oh and she also has a history of going on Tucker Carlson’s show to bash Democrats and Russia Today to complain about America. There are anti-war/anti-intervention folks out there with integrity. Meanwhile Tulsi was complaining that Obama wasn’t supporting Putin’s bombing campaign in Syria (which primarily targeted hospitals and public areas and was intended to make opposition areas unlivable) and wasn’t bombing enough people.
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