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The Trump Riot Aftermath (Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes found guilty of seditious conspiracy. Proud Boys join the club)

Cooked Crack

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Do you see? I said there wouldn't be a civil war years ago and I stick by that comment even more so today. These people can't handle it, they just can't handle it. Sure, they're going to try some violent acts, but an actual civil war would have them punching way beyond their weight class. The events on Wednesday showed us that they're angry and violent...thats about it. They don't have the brains to pull off a civil war, we know this from all the live tweeting/facebooking/no masks/giving interviews with their full info/tasering their own balls. They're too fat to climb walls, they're physically weak, way too weak to fight. To add insult to injury, if they weren't the other two things, they still wouldn't have to heart to actually pull it off. Go back and watch that video of the woman being shot in the neck, those terrorists instantly KNEW they made a mistake. its one thing to say you're willing to die for something, its another to actually do it.


These people cry when they're maced, they cry when they can't get on a plane, they cry when they lose their jobs and they beg for forgiveness when hit with the consequences. If I were a true seditionist, I would be embarrassed to be lumped in with these soft, stupid, clunky, cry baby piles of crap. Bring on the war, no one is going to go easy on you next time.

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GA man faces federal charges after threatening to shoot House Speaker on live TV


A Georgia man is one of at least 16 people facing federal charges in connection with Wednesday’s attack on the Capitol, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.


Cleveland Grover Meredith, originally of Hiawassee, has been charged with threatening House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in text messages he sent after the attack. Federal charging documents show that he texted he was thinking about “putting a bullet in (Pelosi’s) noggin on live TV.”


Meredith also faces weapons charges after he texted a friend he was headed to Washington with armor-piercing ammo.


According to a report filed by federal agents, Meredith intended on attending the planned Trump protest on Jan. 6 but had car trouble on the way. Meredith headed to Washington anyway, where FBI agents found him at a hotel room on Jan. 7.


Click on the link for the full article

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An 18-Year-Old Saw Her Mom, Aunt, And Uncle In DC In A Video — So She Named Them


Helena Duke, 18, thought it was odd when her mom shut off her location on a phone-tracking app that they share earlier this week. Her mom, Therese Duke, had told her vaguely that she was taking Helena’s aunt for a procedure. But Helena suspected that her Trump-supporting mom may have secretly traveled to Washington, DC, for the delusional last-ditch "Stop the Steal" rally.


On Thursday morning, Helena's cousin had sent her a viral video of a physical encounter on the streets of DC filmed Tuesday, the night before the Capitol was raided.


Watching the clip, Helena identified her mom, her aunt Annie Lorenz, and her uncle Richard Lorenz as part of a group of white people confronting a Black woman who had hit Therese in the face after she had tried to grab her.


"My initial reaction was more like, Oh my gosh, I was right. I was actually right about them being there," Helena told BuzzFeed News. "It was very surreal because it was an insane video, first of all, and then it was the revelation that, Oh, that’s my mother. That’s her."


The Black woman in the video had tweeted that a group of five people were harassing her for a long time and had tried to take her belongings from her hands and her pockets. (She declined to comment on the incident to BuzzFeed News without legal representation. Helena's family members did not respond to emails and calls requesting comment.)


Stunned to see her mom, Helena decided to tweet about the video and identified her family members as the people in it. "hi mom remember the time you told me I shouldn't go to BLM protests bc they could get violent...this you?" she wrote.


Click on the link for the full article

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  • Cooked Crack changed the title to The Trump Riot Aftermath (Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes found guilty of seditious conspiracy. Proud Boys join the club)

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