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Best band named after geographical place

Best band named after geographical place  

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  1. 1. Best band named after single state/province, city, country or continent.

    • America
    • Kansas
    • Boston
    • Europe
    • Chicago
    • Asia
    • Alabama
    • Other

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7 hours ago, d0ublestr0ker0ll said:

I'll take Boston.  The singing is just off the chains.

Stunning songwriting. ...like with Kansas...everything just fits together...the verse, chorus, catchy bridge, whatever. 

I watched a documentary on the Leftoverture album, interviews about how they wrote those songs. It was amazing, and is probably out there in the Googleverse.😉

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7 minutes ago, DCSaints_fan said:

No votes for Europe or Asia yet.  I was thinking there might be one or two given the poll was anonymous 😛

Asia was a great collaboration of great musicians from different bands, I'm surprised as well. 

Europe will make money forever. I met Joey Tempest on Daytona Beach without his makeup. :stop:

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