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For Immediate Release                                                                                  

May 9, 2019




LOUDOUN COUNTY, Va. – The Washington Redskins announced today that they have made the following roster moves:


The Redskins signed the following draft picks:


ROUND (PICK)                   PLAYER                                           SCHOOL                  

1 (15)                                       QB Dwayne Haskins                          Ohio State

4 (112)                                     RB Bryce Love                                   Stanford

4 (131)                                     G Wes Martin                                     Indiana

5 (153)                                             C Ross Pierschbacher                          Alabama

5 (173)                                            LB Cole Holcomb                               North Carolina

6 (206)                                            WR Kelvin Harmon                            N.C. State

7 (227)                                     CB Jimmy Moreland                           James Madison

7 (253)                                            LB Jordan Brailford                           Oklahoma State




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14 hours ago, Vanguard said:

The main players I want signed are Haskins, Sweat, and McLaurin.  Im not happy until McLaurin and Sweat are inked in.


Unnecessary angst. Sweat is likely waiting for a few more 1st rd picks to sign to make sure he is not leaving any money on the table. But there is very little to even discuss anymore. With Sweat being #26, it's not unusual at all for draft picks that late in the 1st rd to see what the players ahead of them get.  There are only 11 of 32 picks signed.


Instead of being concerned about Sweat who will very likely sign in a few days, we should be happy Haskins signed so quickly. If he was truly going to be the diva some said he would be, he would have waited until all the contracts above him were signed to hold for every penny. Instead he signs quickly as a way to say let's get to work. 


McLaurin is a 3rd rd pick and those are the last to sign due somewhat to offset language and mostly due to splits (team protection if they hit PUP or IR). If you remember Christian was the last to sign last year.


i think people are still remembering the days before the rookie wage scale. The number of holdouts has dropped dramatically since then, to almost none. There is really no reason to hold out. This is absolutely nothing to be concerned with, at least not now. Maybe if this lingers for a month or so then maybe. But not now at all.  

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