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  1. is there anyone more unwatchable than Stephen A Smith, maybe Skip Bayless comes real close? He may know basketball but knows squat about football. Rex was just trying to become similar to those guys like a dj shock jock. After all we are talking about it?
  2. Very happy we didn’t get Cooper. His contract would have been the kind that would hamper moves for next year. I don’t agree with Rex on how he called him a turd but agree with him on his points he made. He does disappear in big games and to me is kind of soft. If he came here, we would have had to focus the offense around him.
  3. I was fairly optimistic when we hired Manusky. Remember Joe Berry and Haslett? Manusky was surely going to better than those 2. Alas not to be..I remember Greg as a lb under Petitbon and thought he would be fairly aggressive. He was the exact opposite. Gruden didn’t help himself with any of these guys especially since he wanted a control style offense and needed a strong defense. If we had hired Phillips things might have been much different. By the way I didn’t know Gruden got hired as offensive coordinator in Jacksonville. Good for him. I’m very high on Del Rio and think he brings an instant credibility to the team and the players.
  4. Interesting article and I agree with it. If we can get Randall I would be pretty happy.
  5. Based on the contracts for the FAs we signed, I’m not sure anyone is guaranteed to be a starter. I think the plan by Ron is to bring in as many potential younger players (TD is an exception but more about culture) and let them battle it out and see who wins the battle. The cream who rises to the top will get an opportunity for a new contract. Ron said it himself. He wants to see the players with his own eyes without tying us up in a long term deal even Schreff falls into this category. When you think about it, this philosophy makes sense. Is there anyone untouchable on a 3-13 team? Can you blame Ron for wanting to see for himself who he wants to keep long term? Oh I’m sure we will bring in someone else as a potential starter at free safety whether that be thru the draft or later cuts.
  6. I asked a buddy of mine who’s a big Penn State fan about Apke. He wasn’t too impressed and surprised he actually got drafted. I said after watching his first preseason game. This guy can’t tackle. He did take better angles last year so maybe he could get even better but he’s a liability for us in the secondary. His speed doesn’t translate to the field.
  7. Yes you could look at a lot of the new players as building depth but just about everyone except for Thomas Davis is fairly young. Hopefully you coach them up and a few guys turn into studs. Don’t underestimate what coaching and scheme means to a players development. Look at a guy like Patrick Chung. He went from NE to Philly, played awful, and got released. NE resigns him and he becomes an integral part of that defense. Of course he’s probably going to jail for the drug issue. Lol. But he’s just one example of many. This is where I’m hopeful that Ron and especially Jack can turn these guys around.
  8. Just read an article that claims Tunsil is looking for a contract for $20 mil a year. He’s under contract with Houston so if TW is only looking for $18 mil maybe teams will look at him as a cheaper alternative. It would be nice if Bill OBrien did another boneheaded trade with us this time similar to him giving away Hopkins. Also read that Carolina is not shopping Samuels unless it’s a lucrative offer.
  9. I don’t have anything against Dunbar and hope he does well in Seattle. He didn’t want to be here and made that point clear. Ron wants guys who want to be here so it made sense to trade him. At this point it is what it is and we move on with Darby Fuller Fabian and Moreland. I mentioned it before but our front seven especially our line will determine how our secondary performs. If we get a Chase Young and we can consistently pressure the QB with a solid rotation we will be fine. Those numbers makes me still think Trent is in play for a trade for one of those teams. Crossing fingers.
  10. Yea I could see that. Fabian was far more effective on the outside than the slot. The only thing with Fuller in the slot is that it will stunt the growth of Jimmy who would be relegated to playing the dime corner.
  11. Darby is gonna be the starter across from Fuller. He was terrible in Philly but played really well in Buffalo. Need to coach him up and put him in the right scheme.
  12. For all those that believe we have been bargain shoppers during FA, there’s some validity to that notion. I guess I look at things glass half full. Sure a lot of things need to come together but it can be done. On offense, we need either Guice or Love to be healthy and compliment AP. I like JD as our third down back. We need TMac to continue his progress and truly become a #1 wideout. I like Lattimer as our #2 and hope Cam Sims or Harmon step it up. Steven Sims is an underrated slot guy. We got some young guys at TE and hopefully we draft a young guy. I really like Logan Thomas. And of course we need to resolve the LT position either bringing in a rook or seeing if we have somebody who can be a stopgap. Our defensive line is very solid and we get to look at a lot of LBs and see who steps up. If the front seven plays well our secondary won’t be as crucial. Fuller, Moreau and Jimmy is kind of weak but maybe we bring in a vet. We could get Okudah if we trade down. Landon and Davis are fine. Davis isn’t excellent but solid. Yes some ifs but Haskins is the biggest one. If he shows us he’s the man we are in good position for 2021. Just my 2cents
  13. That agent is a moron. He bring up JPP and says he got paid 40% while Trent got paid nothing. JPP wanted to play right after his finger got blown off. He looked at ways to play with the disability. Big difference is that Trent didn’t show up at all. His agency just screwed up this whole situation and Is making it worse. The team has the power, that’s the nature of the beast.
  14. Lattimer had a few big games last year. Didn’t he have a good game against us? I know he was a former second round pick. Typical possible late bloomer. Nice to have a vet with some size. I see him as a starter over Harmon. Kalil is only a name but was good in his hey day. I assume we won’t be resigning Penn now.
  15. If true and the Skins have told teams they will accept a third rounder, then that is not the reason Trent hasn’t been traded. A third rounder is nothing nowadays. His agency has to try and drum up interest so he can get a new contract. $16 million for a guy who hasn’t played a full season since 2013 and didn’t play at all last year is a lot of money. It’s a case that TW and his agency overvalued the market which is probably what Ron knew and granted permission for a trade right away. I love TW but at this point I’m over him. Too much drama.
  16. Thanks for the correction and yes I would agree on Archuletta. However I was speaking about Peyton Barber. The guy’s been in the league a few years and understands pass blocking unlike Guice and Love right now.
  17. You ever heard the saying availability is the most important characteristic of a player? Barber is durable. You can’t say that about Guice and Love going into the season.
  18. The Barber signing is a bit of a head scratcher but kind of understandable. Guice and Love can’t be counted on and AP is a year older. Our injury track record is not good. What if all those guys go down? McKissic is strictly a 3rd down back. Barber means we dont need to use one of our limited draft choices on a camp fodder. Also Richard Rogers will be our blocking TE not a receiving one. Sprinkle was adequate as a blocker but Rogers is much better. He’s a vet and a big body so I’m happy with him.
  19. Please don’t go for Peters as a replacement for Trent. First it will probably require a draft pick because unless the Eagles cut him. Second the guy is completely unreliable. If we can get 2 starts from him I would be surprised. Bring back Donald Penn and hopefully Christian takes a step forward.
  20. I said it a long while ago but the player I want us to draft is Okudah as we have enough on the line. Could resigning Brantley be another sign toward trading the pick? Brantley can play end in a 4-3. Thats a lot of d lineman. Yes I know Young is a generational player. If we get a couple first rounders and 2-3 other picks you gotta do it. Chargers can’t afford not to get Tua. Chargers need to increase the fan base and Tyrod Taylor ain’t cutting it and drafting Justin Herbert isn’t much better. They can’t afford someone to come up and get him.
  21. I’ll miss Dunbar but Ron has no loyalties to him andhe doesn’t want the distraction. He said in his press conference he wants guys who love to play football and QD really shot himself in the foot with his demand request. Fabian played solid on the outside compared to the slot and Fuller will be fine on the other side. Jimmy can play the slot. And hopefully we bring in a vet to compete for a starting gig.