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  1. I’m going out on a limb and say we finish 8-8. Pittsburgh will probably be a loss unless somehow Ben gets hurt during the game. 49ers will be tough especially since we have to go out to Cali but Alex should be motivated against his former team. Seattle is good but their defense is awful. If we contain Wilson and If Fuller plays opposite Metcalf, we can take them. Carolina is not that good, better lately and as long as McCaffery is out we should win! Eagles are toast and the game will be meaningless for them. For Thanksgiving I’m thankful for Coach Ron and Del
  2. Amazing how quickly we turn on our team. Sure Arizona was a bad game but Murray is a potential MVP right now and I knew we would struggle to contain him. It was a good team to face so that we’re used to that type of qb. Yes Haskins needs to step it up and he did a little in the 2nd half. Turner needs to let him loose a bit and make him know that he should take chances not worry about a pick. Our front seven limits Chubb and Hunt in a physical battle. Gibson takes a big step and Haskins does just enough. We win... 24-20
  3. While I picked us to win this game (see post in game prediction), 24-13 so slightly off. I do think we need to temper our vision of this team. We played the Eagles at the right time (no preseason games, lots of injuries). Dwayne played a good QB manager but he still has lots of room for improvement. His throws in the first half were not good. I think Turner can help him with calling plays that suit his ability (rolls outs, 2 step throws, screen plays). Our secondary stepped up obviously because of our front 4. How awesome was it that we could bring in a brand new fresh line
  4. Eagles have injuries on their entire offense with key players. Without a preseason these guys haven’t practiced and experienced live hitting. Hard to expect them to make an impact in the first game. Their linebackers and corners are awful. If Dwayne can make some timely throws he can take advantage of it. WFT 24 Eagles 13
  5. In today’s NFL rookie wideouts can develop quick. TMac is not an exception. Look all over the NFL there were plenty of receivers who made an impact their first year! Look at KC and San Fran as just an example. Ever heard of a guy named AJ Brown. Heck even DK Metcalf who people said wasnt NFL ready came in and played very well. The days of a receiver needing 3 years to develop are a thing of the past.
  6. I would normally agree with you but Rodgers was on the Eagles last year at least during the preseason and they are only carrying 2 TEs rt now.
  7. Sure our wide receiver group is fairly unproven but I’m fairly optimistic especially if AGG comes of age. I predicted Sims would be our best option at the slot when we first signed him as a undrafted rookie. I think AGG will finally be our possession receiver who can actually win the one on one battles. If God forbid TMac gets hurt I think AG moves full time to wide receiver. And don’t forget about LT. Guys still learning but think he can make an impact.
  8. I think you guys are forgetting about Darby in his first couple years in Buffalo. The guy was a stud. He went to Philly and they screwed him up. It also didn't help that he was hurt right away. I am good with him and Fuller on the outside with Fabian backing up and Jimmy in the slot.
  9. Really disappointed to hear that Sean Davis may not even make the team. I am not a fan of Apke. If he ends up being our starting free safety I am really concerned with our back end especially on deep coverage. Apke is fast but has seemed lost out there in past years. I hope he did some real growing up this past off year.
  10. I said when we signed Thomas he would be our starter and I think he can be a real pleasant surprise. I’m interested in his development and him learning the nuances of the position. I don’t know much about Baugh but he seems to be more of a hback and Sprinkle is our only true size TE besides Rodgers. If he can somewhat develop his hands a bit he will be our #3 TE. Rodgers is a vet who could be insurance and Hentges is still a development guy. Thats my take on the TE group.
  11. Trey Quinn should not be on this team. I know everyone was hoping he would be our Julian Edelman because he’s similar in size and let’s face it because he’s white. I said last year Sims would be a better option at the slot and he is our best option there. AG will be our next up once he gets comfortable and gains some experience.
  12. The more I think about it, I think Alex should make the team simply because he’s a veteran and had a great relationship with Haskins. He may never play another down for us but he could be our #3 with the FA rookie being out on the practice squad. There was talk about how helpful he was for DH so doing that while on the field could go a long way toward his development.
  13. You’re probably right it could be wishful thinking but you never know. Imagine if we could get his contract off the books.
  14. Like I’m sure most people, I’m rooting for Alex. However we need to move ahead and DH needs to have first team reps. One of Alexs greatest strength was his mobility and throwing on the run, is he capable of doing this in a real game effectively. I’m not interested in testing it out. The team pumping him up could be for trade purposes and to get his salary off the books.
  15. My bad thinking that Rice took a couple years to develop. I just remember a lot of drops early in his career plus I’m sure having Montana throwing the ball helped get his numbers in his 2nd year. Rice was a first rounder even coming from a small school. My point is AGG will take some time to develop. If Rice isn’t a good example look at Jimmy Smith or Andre Reed or Rod Smith of Denver. All were later round picks and didn’t have to deal with Covid. My poiny is how do we expect AGG to come in and make an impact right away. I really think we need Latimer back or a different veteran or Ha
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