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  1. skinsfan93

    Does Doctson even care?

    You are right as I looked at his stats and they’re different than what I recall. The point of my post is that Ricky Williams had a lot of tools but the drive wasn’t there and he just abruptly retired. Read or listen to Doctson. When I do, I don’t see an alpha male which is wha you need in a true #1. His reaction to not getting the fifth year option is a perfect example. He simply says oh well it happens. “Why would it be motivation for me?” I suppose that’s better in some ways than taking a prima donna attitude but I rather see him pissed and using it as a chip on his shoulder. How many guys have gotten passed over in the draft and still talk about how they are pissed. Rodgers and Brady still talk about it. Doctson just seems to be going about business as usual and that doesn’t translate to having a successful year IMHO.
  2. skinsfan93

    Does Doctson even care?

    Remember Ricky Williams? He started getting into philosophy and smoking weed and had no desire to be a good football player. It wasn’t till he became broke that he came back and played better. Doctson seems to be going the same route. He has the physical tools but whether he’s really into it and wants to become the man is unsure at this point. I wanna see him become our #1 but I’m starting to doubt that will ever happen.
  3. skinsfan93

    Is this the best Defensive Front we've had in years?

    The same Rob Ryan who was an awful D coordinator at New Orleans? Nah I’ll pass. At the same time he has experience so having him as a position coach is all good. Manusky needs to step it up and just be more aggressive. I wish he had some of the aggressive mentality that Richie Petitbon had when he played for him.
  4. This is the 2nd time Jay has really complimented Perrine. Either he really feels that way, they may be looking to trade him or he’s trying to pump him up. I just don’t see how he makes the team. We are definitely not gonna carry 5 rbs. Guice, AP, CT, and probably Marshall because of his receiving skills will make the team with Love going on PUP. Also Jay almost seemed to refer as Apke as the free safety next to Landon. I’m not sold on him. He’s fast but can’t tackle and takes bad angles. Who knows maybe a year under his belt will help him.
  5. Can we get an idea or background info on what exactly was the issue with the “tumor”? Right now we are just speculating. I agree this is not good timing but it sounds like the front office was aware of this matter beforehand and probably hoped Trent would still just show up. I wanna know how and what the front office did or didn’t do to resolve this matter. Look it’s his life and health and I can understand him not trusting the team doctors or being pissed. After all Alex and Colt are two examples of botched surgery. Hopefully this situation can be resolved some way.
  6. This article is the biggest crock of crap. How can he comment on the locker room atmosphere for the Eagles when they haven’t even had their first mandatory mini camp? This article is just about praising the signing of Brown. #fakenews!
  7. Trent may have leverage now but once training camp comes and he starts getting fined then we will see what happens. I think he should play out his contract but if he gets a couple more million or we restructure in a win/win situation then it’s all good. Bottom line though is Trent needs to stay healthy.
  8. Just watched Jays presser and apparently Trent would not have been on the field anyway recovering from his health situation. Are we sure he is actually holding out for a new contract or just pulling a Leveon Bell type thing?
  9. What to do with Trent? Sure when healthy he is a top 3/5 LT but he’s 31 and has missed a lot of games or misses plays during a game. He obviously knows if he doesn’t go for bigger money now he won’t get it after his contract expires. I think its a bit premature for people to say trade him. Maybe all it will take is to extend his contract a couple years and add a few million in guaranteed money. If that’s the case then we kinda need to do it right? I wonder if the front office saw this in advance and signed Flowers to protect themselves. Note: just read that Flowers looked awful today. Not good.
  10. None that I saw as Montez was lined up either on the left or right side of the line.
  11. You know what’s great to see from Montez in this highlight tape against Alabama? His non-stop hustle. There’s so many college players who go all out for a few plays and then take off for a bunch. Montez is consistently hustling even after the ball is thrown or the play is away from him. The more I watch him the more I see Andre Carter in him. Same kind of build and skill set except Montez is a bit better. I always loved his hustle and tenacity and if it wasn’t for a switch to a 3-4 he would have played longer here.
  12. Denver was 6-10 last year and was 5-11 the year before with Trevor Siemian, Brock Osweiler and a brand new coach. So Case helped them improve one game? Lets face it Case is who he is. He’s reliable, has some mobility, and you can win with him if all parts of the offense is solid. He is not gonna win you games but hopefully DH is that guy. If Haskins can get the offense understood then put him in there and see what happens. Enough with the kid gloves and destroying a young qbs mentality. By the way, I believe the QB has influence on how the offensive line plays especially when it comes to false starts and holding calls.
  13. skinsfan93

    How's the Redskins Roster shaping up?

    I listened to the NBC podcast and listened to the interview of Doctson. I found his responses to be head scratching. He seemed so nonchalant about not getting the option picked up and heard no fire. And then I read an article in the post about him and I’m worried he will never get to the level we need him to be. I don’t know if football is in his heart. Kinda reminds me of Ricky Williams and his mindset. He has the most experience on our team as far as wideouts and he seems to be content as just another guy. I see no passion to be the “man”. I’m all for a calm demeanor but Doctson just doesn’t seem into it. We need our #1 receiver that wants the ball and says to the qb and the coaches get it to me. I’m starting to think he may be a bust.
  14. skinsfan93

    Is this the best Defensive Front we've had in years?

    Hopefully our improved and more seasoned front seven continues to help make our secondary this year. I don’t have the numbers but what hurt us is 3rd down conversions. We didn’t get burnt too much on big plays but it seemed we couldn’t get off the field when we needed to. Manusky and gang will need to find creative ways this year. Coach em up!
  15. skinsfan93


    Whoever they bring in as a tackle is going to be camp fodder or at best a PS guy. Right now Christian is the swing tackle and hopefully Flowers does enough to either start at guard or be the 4th tackle. That sucks about Ware as I heard he had some potential. If he got cut after one day and releasing someone else for him, I imagine he did something pretty f upped in practice yesterday.