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  1. Reading some articles, it will be an interesting free agency period. There are a handful of teams with a lot of cap space. Right now there’s 14 teams with $50million or more in cap space. That means the top and even average guys are gonna be overpaid and we may have to pay a bit more to lure the Bradberrys and Olsens of the world to come to DC. If Ron and folks are smart they will need to clear up more space before FA and I would prefer they lock up the guys they want to keep so the cap is manageable. Say what you want about Allen but when they targeted a player they got him with the help of Dan. Landon Collins is a perfect example. Sure we gave him more money than anyone else but it will be interesting to see how Ron does in this aspect since he never did it before. He will need to do a good job of selling him and the team to lure some of these guys at a reasonable price tag.
  2. I agree with you generally but wide receiver is a unique position. Sometimes it takes a few years for a guy to blossom. Perriman could be one of those guys. He was super effective the 2nd half last year w Tampa.
  3. skinsfan93

    Ooooweee Dunbar wants to be traded!

    Maybe Dunbar didn’t handle the situation the best way but I would like to hold onto him. Sure he hasn’t remain healthy but he is a home grown talent who has developed into a pretty good 2nd corner. Give him little signing bonus and he should be happy. It’s obvious we will get a free agent corner and pairing him with Dunbar is better than Fabian. Fabian did play better on the outside compared to playing the slot but he just isn’t very aggressive. Plus Dunbars size is better suited going up against a bigger receiver. Can you blame the guy wanting a new contract? After all he’s one of the few players in our secondary who outplayed his contract.
  4. Like many of you I love DG! And I hope he can play a full season next year. but let’s face it we can’t count on that until he does it. I am interested to see how Love is coming along. If he shows he is recovered then we keep AP for one more year and go into the season with those 3 along with drafting a late round RB or keep one of the holdovers.
  5. Good thread...ultimately I think if you have a good run game along with a reckoning type defense you should be able to win games. D Henry is a freak of nature, not many guys who are 230 with his size and speed. I don’t think you need Henry as long as you have multiple guys who can run and catch the ball. Can we really count on Guice? I think/hope Bryce Love is our X factor. As far as our defense someone mentioned we never had the right players fo4 a 3-4 and I agree. Thats why I’m hoping switching back to a 4-3 hybrid will be helpful. We need opportunistic type players at all positions. Too bad Josh never turned into that type for us but I put that on coaching. Riverboat Rons background is defense and from what I remember Rio is also very aggressive so hopefully our defense will become significantly better. Im still on the fence about drafting Young when we have guys who can play end when we have holes at lb, corner and safety. I rather trade down and pick up more picks.
  6. Wishful thinking but imagine D Henry in a Redskins uniform. He is a free agent.
  7. skinsfan93

    OC - Scott Turner incoming

    If KOC does go to the Rams he will have little to no impact on the offense besides working with Goff. Mcvay is not gonna give up play calling. Of course KOC still could get head coaching opportunities ala Zac Taylor. If the Rams offense does well we really won’t know if KOC is responsible for any of it.
  8. skinsfan93

    Who should be the next GM?

    I’m happy to see Doug won’t be responsible for any personnel moves as that was just not in his wheelhouse. While I’m optimistic about Rivera I’m concerned we won’t have a GM till after the draft. That means Ron has final say on everything and he never had that power in Carolina so who’s to say he will be good at it. While the GM will handle the cap, we need guys who are good at finding those late round diamonds. While I’m not a Cowboys admirer in any way, they have been able to get some diamonds in the rough so that guy in Dallas could be a good complement to what Ron wants.
  9. Flowers really had a great year but I wouldn’t fork over a ton of cash for him. Guards are easier to find than tackles plus we have 2 young ones in the waiting. so I rather put the extra money to either Trent, a new RT or Scherff.
  10. skinsfan93

    OC - Scott Turner incoming

    This tells you all you need to know why KOC is not ready to be an offensive coordinator. NFL head coaches under whom Kevin O'Connell has served: Mike Pettine, Cleveland Browns (2015) Chip Kelly, San Francisco 49ers (2016) Jay Gruden, Washington Redskins (2017–2019) Bill Callahan, Washington Redskins (2019) Interim head coach
  11. skinsfan93

    OC - Scott Turner incoming

    I’m fairly happy with our new OC over KOC. You could say continuity is important but that only goes so far with a guy who hasn’t proved anything yet. What has KOC proven. Last year the offense was Grudens and this year you could say the offense was handicapped. I think Haskins development was on him not Kevin. Look at McVay, he went to the Rams and worked with a second year young QB Goff, who many thought was a bust after his first year and turned him into an pro bowler. Who’s to say Turner can’t do the same. I like his pedigree better than KOC. You can’t argue that Norv was one of the best offensive coordinators during his time.
  12. I also think the FA tight ends are questionable. Hooper is the best available but he’s gonna command a lot of money and he’s not the most athletic puts fear in the eyes of the defense type player. Ebron is a head case IMHO and Henry is talented but always injured. I heard the Giants may be willing to trade Engram so he’s a possibility but also hurt often being on the small side. Another guy to potentially trade for is Jesse James in Detroit. Detroit has TJ so he may be expendable. Luke Wilson is someone I like and he is stuck behind 2 other guys. Whoever the new GM is will need to find a diamond in the rough similar to Waller in Oakland. As for an outside LB, I want Kendricks from Minnesota followed by Littleton from the Rams. How many times do we see tight ends just eat us up? This guy can cover and is a sure tackler. Lastly we need one veteran cornerback. Josh is done and we can’t count on Dunbar to stay on the field. Rookie corners (look at Bradberry in his rookie season) get eaten alive and we need someone who can make an impact right away. Most of our money should and needs to go for a true #1 corner.
  13. First I did watch the entire Clemson game and focused on Young. Someone mentioned he’s a generational pass rusher. Then someone with that moniker should have had more of an impact than zero sacks and 7 pressures. The guys you mentioned were not as highly regarded coming out of school except for Myles Garrett and he hasn’t done squat yet in the pros. Watt developed into what he is and Mack had questions coming out of a small school. My point is that why draft a guy at #2 when we have guys who can play end and we have major holes in our secondary to fill. I’m tired of getting a high ticket free agent at corner compared to drafting a young guy and developing him.
  14. skinsfan93

    Cuts to get 100 million in Cap Space???

    Rebuilding in the NFL is far different than any other sport. Teams can be competitive fairly quickly and be able to win. Remember the cap is a hard cap not the bullcrap that you have in the NBA. Our new GM needs to be good. The reason the niners competed so quickly is because Lynch made some shrewd moves getting Jimmy Sherman and drafting well.
  15. I for one don’t want to see us draft Young. First he did absolutely nothing in the game against Clemson. Virtual non-existent. Second if we move to a 4-3 we have so many other needs than DE. I rather have Youngs teammate at corner Okudah who is big and physical and maybe the best corner in the country. Im all for rotating guys along the line but you need to start Allen, Matt and Deron along with Sweat. Settle Brantley can be our backups with some young guys to play end. Allen may not be suited at end but he too small to play the one or two technique in a 4-3. Kerrigan is a cap casualty unfortunately. I’m sure seeing our potential talent in our front seven was one of the reasons Jack took the job. Finally can we get a whole new training and medical staff! One or two years of heavy injuries is one thing but it’s a constant issue.