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  1. skinsfan93

    Redskins vs Eagles Prediction Thread: 2019 Kick-Off Spectacular

    About time a thread about the start of the season. I’m pumped! All the bs of training camp is over and now it’s for real. I live in Philly and will be at the game as I usually am each year. The Eagles defense is not their defense of old. They were awful in the preseason. Their def line from the past is no longer solid. Their linebackers including Zach Brown is vulnerable. Their secondary is solid but can be exposed with a weaker front seven. Their offense hasn’t played much so no telling how Wentz will perform. Desean is hurt on every hit and hopefully Landon and Montea can patrol the middle effectively so we don’t we see any big plays. Ertz is a guy we need to control. I think our front should be able to slow up Howard and Sanders. I’m excited to see Guice do his thing and hopefully we can get some clutch plays from guys like Reed and one of our new starters at wideout. We can pull out the upset but we are also a touchdown underdog. Hail!
  2. skinsfan93

    Redskins receiving corp is beginning to shape up

    I guess we are going with a group that is similar in to the Seahawks when they had Baldwin, Richardson, and Lockett. My concern is that our starters are injury prone. I like Steven Sims and think he can be a better player than Quinn. I called it when he signed. Also we have no experience behind the starters. Will R Davis, Kidsey, Harmon, be able to step up? I’m a little pessimistic on it but hopeful.
  3. Cowboys will have so much tied up in just a few players. They will be in cap hell for a long long time. I rewatched the game and just feel like Dwayne wasn’t too sure of himself. Too much thinking. I have no doubt he will look much better overall this week.
  4. skinsfan93

    Running back depth chart

    You would think Perine sees what AP does and he models his game after him. He’s not fast enough to run like Leveon where you hesitate and then hit the hole but that’s what he seems to do. He needs to be decisive and just power through the holes. I’m sure running behind an inadequate line hurts but Reynolds looked much sharper behind basically the same line. Like I said I’m done with Samaje
  5. skinsfan93

    Running back depth chart

    I started this thread and was hoping to get opinions on Perine. I’ll tell you based on tonight he needs to go. That pathetic attempt at blocking the DT that led to Haskins getting sacked was sad. I rooted for him when we drafted him but he has nothing special about him. His strong suit is his physicality but I don’t see any of his strength in his game. I’ll take Marshall over him and put Reynolds on PS. Bye bye Samaje...
  6. I was expecting much from Holcomb as a fifth round pick but if he can be half the player of a Luke Keuchly or that guy Vander Esch in Dallas we might just have something. I hear a lot of his speed and coverage abilities but I wanna see how he tackles. We need MLB who is a sure tackler. I believe he had a lot of tackles in college but this is a whole new level. We shall see.
  7. Everyone realizes that Colt isn’t the most talented QB on the roster but he knows the system well. But you can’t tell me that Case is more talented. He just happened to get an opportunity when Bradford went down and he came in on a talented team and took them one game away from the Superbowl. There’s a reason Elway decided to go with Flacco instead of Case and that’s because he is limited. Since his days on Cleveland Colthe never got a chance to start but he knows this system and I like his gunslinger attitude. He’s gonna make mistakes but he will be decisive in his throws and we can win some games with him till Haskins is ready. Don’t you guys remember when Colt would come into a game and the offense would actually be able to move the ball? I remember one particular game against the Cowboys. If Colt is our day one starter I’m good with it as he will be an adequate stopgap.
  8. skinsfan93

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    How can Trent already accured a season if he hasn’t played one game? Regardless the issue is moot when he is traded. Trade his ass I’m done with Trent.
  9. skinsfan93

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    The comparison to Brown may not apply. It sounds like Trent is willing to sit out all year and is financially secure. If he goes to a different team then he doesn’t need to pay any fines. The Redskins could go after part of his last signing bonus but probably won’t be able to recoup.
  10. skinsfan93

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    So in his presser today, Jay said the team is not looking to trade Trent. Thinking about it, this is probably better. We lose leverage trading him now but if we wait, the price could go up. Right now we may only be able to get a 2 rounder but during the offseason we may be able to get a first. Plus, keeping him on the roster could allow Trent to come back. I heard Geron is running with the 1s. Is there a chance that he could start and Penn is the swing tackle? We will be able to see how he does and evaluate whether we need to go LT next year. Penn played RT last year so he has experience for both spots and he can come in to start if Geron struggles. I am much more optimistic about this whole situation.
  11. skinsfan93


    I think the team will use the I formation more but with a TE in the FB role similar to a H-back. Both Guice and AP run better with a FB and it helps not tip off the offense that we will run with 2 TEs on the field. I’m really hoping Sprinkle steps up this year receiving wise and Parham gets onto the roster or at the least PS. The guy is 6’8 and has shown good hands. We should carry 4 TEs this year as it provides a security blanket for a rookie QB. However with 3 QBs I’m not sure we will be able to.
  12. skinsfan93

    Running back depth chart

    I’m a little confused on how our rb depth chart will shape out. Sure the top three are Guice, AP, and CT. However with our injury issues, I believe our 4th or possible PS players will be important. The best way to help a rookie QB is having a strong run game and as an outlet. So here’s my confusion...on a twitter, someone asked Jay about Guice/Peterson and Jay apparently said don’t discard Perine. “He’s been outstanding!” I’ve heard this from Jay even during OTAs. From what I’ve seen, Samaje hasn’t done anything special in camp so far. So what’s the deal? We probably will carry 3 Qbs and possibly 6 wideouts so not sure we will carry 5 rbs this year. Love will be on PS but will he be able to contribute this year if called on? Probably not. A change of pace rb to backup CT is important and we know CT is fragile. That’s why I feel Marshall is our 4th running back with the speedster Wilson as a remote possibility or PS guy. I just don’t see how Samaje fits in UNLESS Jay and the team is trying to enhance a possible trade. Anyone else think so?
  13. skinsfan93

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    If we can get a first rounder, then trade him. It would probably give us enough ammo to move up for a top tier LT next year. His salary off the books would help our cap. Am I the only one who is pissed that he his holding the team hostage with this bs? His gripe may be legit but sitting at home is not the way to resolve it. Lastly I’m tired of seeing him not be able to play a full season. Teams that succeed are ones where the entire line stays intact all year. When’s the last time Trent played 16 games? How about 5 years ago when he was 26. Now he’s 31. Also in 9 years he’s played a full season just twice. Do the math.
  14. I watched the presser of Penn. I don’t know about you guys but I get the sense he has a real mean streak, which I love. It probably comes from being an undrafted player and how he got kicked to the right side last year. I said it in a different’s time to move on from Trent and there are a couple guys projected to go first round next year. I’m tired of seeing Trent constantly hurt each year.
  15. skinsfan93


    I realize we have a hole at LG but why would you have Penn or Trent play that position? Trent would need some time to develop at that role and Penn will get all preseason playing tackle. Plus the Riaders moved him to RT last year and he struggled. Penn is a left tackle and so is Trent. I’m fine with Penn starting with Geron as the swing tackle and Robinson as another potential backup. Trade Trent for a draft pick and draft a tackle next year. It’s time to move on from Trent.