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  1. Yes our entire line will get paid no matter what. What I was trying to say is that resigning Allen shows the line that we will take care of our own. That will go a long way when trying to resign Chase/Montez and hopefully we get a little hometown discount.
  2. Good contract. $18 million per year with $30 million in the bonus gives us flexibility to still sign Payne till Chase/Montez are due up. That contract isn’t so bad that we could still move Allen. Also shows the young players that if you play right then you will get rewarded.
  3. Saw an interview with our secondary coach where he talked about having interchangeable safeties. It’s the smart thing to do so when injuries occur, we are not restricted. By the way he also mentioned how he expects Reeves to have a great season. Forest is a fifth round pick with size and speed and made an impression at mini camp. A situational safety who can’t cover anyone and making $18 million along with some promising players in the secondary are the reasons I think Landon should be cut or traded. I understand there would be a huge hit against our cap but keeping on the team will
  4. Ron and Jack don’t owe Landon Collins anything. They didn’t sign him. Even though safety was a need the last couple years the team didn’t sign a high priced free agent. I think their philosophy is to build from the front seven back. I said it previously but I think Landon is a candidate to being cut so we can save money. Curl is very solid as one of our safeties (remember he played free safety a bit with Everett at strong) and Bobby Collins/Reeves/Forest and whoever can play opposite of him. With all the spread offenses in the NFL, we need guys who can run and cover. Landon just isn’
  5. I understand we need a quality backup at running back, someone who can be a spot starter in case AG is hurt. Obviously JD is entrenched as our receiving back. I heard Barber slimmed down a bit and could be more than our short yardage guy. Miller is a vet and has had a couple 1000 yard seasons. Im just saying let’s not assume Jaret Patterson will be replacing Barber or even Lamar Miller at least going into the season. I think it’s a bit too soon for him to be this summer’s man crush ala Jimmy Moreland. After all, he played at a small school and wasn’t drafted. I’ll be rooting for him
  6. $18 million plus a year for a guard is ridiculous. I’m all about keeping home grown talent but c’mon is Schreff a dominant player who impacts the outcome of a game? IMHO all you need is a big wide body who can run a bit so he can pull out to play guard. Save the dough for our defensive line!
  7. I agree. Payne hasn’t yet been that guy who creates havoc and chaos but I see him more that way than Allen. I think Allen has hit his top peak but Payne has more upside. Keep in mind he’s still very young. This year will show us and the top brass who we should resign. My money is on Payne bringing the pain .
  8. Generally I would agree with this something like Vince Wolfork who just clogged the middle but Allen is not that type of wide body or will be that type of player. Is he a very good tackle? … absolutely but creating havoc and chaos, I’ll take Payne. If I had to choose and we will need to at some point bc we can’t keep all four guys long term, I would keep Payne over Allen. I am fully expecting Payne to be our next Aaron Donald or at least a poor mans Warren Sapp.
  9. I agree with you. We can’t pay 4 guys $15-20+ per year. I like Allen’s character and he is a captain but he has kinda hit his ceiling. I believe Payne has more to go and will be the guy we decide to keep. Ion is still under contract for a couple more years and plays well when not hurt. He can fill in for Allen next year along with drafting a big tackle. As for Schreff please do not pay him the money he wants! No way a guard is worth what he is asking for plus he’s getting long in the tooth and I see him being injured more frequently. We got enough young guys to fill in and possibly s
  10. We can use the fifth year option to give us time to sign both to long term deals. I would love to keep Allen, Payne, Sweat, and Chase for the next 5 years but i just don’t see how that is possible. All 4 guys will be getting contracts ranging around $20 million per and there’s no way you can have $80 million tied up to the defensive line. If Sweat can get us a first rounder then I could see him traded ala DeForest Bruckner.
  11. Is he a Kelce or Kittle … no. I’m a little bias because when we signed him I said he would be a great addition at TE when everyone thought we had nothing. Last year was his first full year at the position and he’s still relatively young so he should get better so keep that in mind. He’s not at his peak. Last year teams could focus on Terry and Logan but with our new weapons on the outside, it should open up the middle more giving Logan more open looks. Look at Mike Gesicki. Guy had a huge year because of Fitz. Give LogN one more year and then see if you’re right.
  12. Humphries will fill the role we need him to do which is playing in the slot being an outlet guy and getting some key first downs. On any given play TMac and Samuels will see extra attention so Adam should see single coverage most of the time. I thought Simms was our guy who could replace Crowder but he took steps back last year. Simms Gandy and Harmon are all suited for the outside including Dyami. If we carry 6 receivers one of those guys is not making the team. It will be interesting to see how camp separates the group.
  13. Glad someone understood what I was saying! The other guy obviously didn’t. Anyway I’m really curious how many corners make the team. We will carry a 3rd QB and possibly a 4th running back due to some uncertainty about Gibson’s toe. Usually only 4 safeties make the team so Apke is definitely out and depends on how the rook Forrest does in camp. I think the team likes Reeves and Deshazor plays special teams and been around a while. With the team probably easing Landon in we will probably carry 5 safeties. If so tough to carry 5 corners.
  14. I’m not saying McCain will strictly be a corner but used as one in case of injuries. Reports have said the 2 safety positions are interchangeable so I see Curl as our FS and if fully healthy Landon at strong. I think Reeves, Deshazor/Forrest (maybe PS) along with McCain makes the roster. That would be 5 safeties and we can go with 4 corners. Also Curl played some corner last year but I think McCain is better suited for it. He played a lot of corner in Miami.
  15. I agree with this. I don’t think Jimmy is a lock. I think part of the reason for signing McCain is his ability to play corner. That would put him as the fifth corner and allow us to keep 5 safeties.
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