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Moose & Squirrel v Boris & Natasha: what's the deal with the rooskies and trumpland?


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again, there's just too much ("all the russian stuff is fake news") but he juts gave as an example of the intel comm leaking his phone call to mexico, the one all the reporting suggested more likely came from his staff (some reporters are open about saying at times that their sources were wh staff v intel without naming who)




now he's all over the media again, big league, totally invalidating nytimes/wsj etc and brought up all the women re: his **** grabbing as more fake news


said he has zero business/property/interests in russia and its all fake news

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he's on a 5 minute lecture to jim costa how it's all their fault, he loves and would be the biggest fan of a free press as long as they're honest...says there's zero chaos in his admin or staff and repeats the well-oiled machine thing


lmao he just said " i know the greatest thing i could do politically is just shoot that ship out of the water and everyone would be "oh that's so great"...but it wouldn't be great..."

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guy tries to ask his question, trump interrupts to focus on the build-up (re: ship/plane buzz/misle) and launches into a russia tangent, and the guy tries to get his actual q asked and trump just shuts him down so he can continue the lecture, which involved how the media is the big problem again

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