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  1. “Cambridge.” They’ll still give you a big enough hint.
  2. Love the unis. Love the # on the helmet because I hate mascots on helmets. All business like the Crimson Tide....except the winning part.
  3. Only to predictably push their anti-vax conspiracy theories. Bank on it.
  4. I never want this to stop. Please don’t let it stop
  5. So obvious that the after was written by a bunch of amateurs
  6. Was it like Dunkirk? I found that movie to be soooo boring.
  7. Yeah we will figure it out, and obviously people are going through much worse (illness, death, etc.)
  8. So I'm supposed to get married in Chicago first week of April with people flying in from across the country. After looking at how Italy has been faring and the fact that we are probably a few weeks behind them I am concerned about what this means for the wedding and if its even prudent for it to go forward / will it even be allowed to at that point. Have already spent a ton of money on it too. This sucks.
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