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The Official Maryland Terrapins Thread

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Yo, this has got to be THE WORST CREW I've ever seen call a game!  These guys are rank amateurs...it makes the game very hard to watch.



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13 minutes ago, Diehard Otis said:

@pjfootballer You've got to admit that when you're down to your 4th String(!) QB, it's difficult to be competitive.


Especially in the Big 10.


I'm just a bit salty today. It does suck that we are snakebit at QB. We thought in 2012 this could never possibly happen again, but it has. I'd really like to say that one player shouldn't matter, but it does at that position.  I've written off the year already. I've at least got a 5-1 Memphis team to fall back on. 

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16 hours ago, pjfootballer said:

Ohio state won a national title with a third string QB. All I'm asking is to do is win a game against another football patsie. 

He plays in the NFL.


you sound hysterical.

14 hours ago, pjfootballer said:

I've at least got a 5-1 Memphis team to fall back on. 

Maybe you should stay with Memphis and leave us Maryland fans alone.

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So Wisconsin kicks a FG with 30 secs left up 22. Makes the alumni happy by covering the 24 point spread, but I hope Durkin files that away, and if he ever gets the chance, runs it up on those ****ers.


What was a tough schedule two months ago has turned brutal, riding on the brittle back of Max Borteschlager. UMD likely to be underdogs their remaining 5 games, and a bowl game is but a dream.


l really like DJ and the direction he's got this program headed, but I just can't stop myself from wondering every time I watch them nowadays, where would this program be now had they hired Mike Leach 6 years ago?



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I like Coach - he's an amazing recruiter & motivator.


But why on earth would you have DJ Moore Field a Punt at the end of the Half like that?  What was to be gained? 


You already have the lead & get The Ball back to begin the 2nd Half.  Now he's hurt.



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21 minutes ago, ixcuincle said:

Never seen a team fall from grace so fast like Maryland. UCF broke them. How are they 3-4?? 

Ridiculous schedule this year. 6 wins with this schedule should get DJ a pass for at least 5 years, if they can pull it off.


Thank God for Darnell Savage. Terps looked done early in this homecoming game, then Savage grabs an int to set up a TD, and does it all himself on the punt block TD. Then DJ Moore takes over. 


Great comeback to take the HT lead. Now, if they can get the running game going 2nd half, might see this out for a BIG homecoming upset win!


Lets go Terps!


...still can't wait for basketball season...

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