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1 hour ago, pjfootballer said:

Game not televised where I am. Looks like Jackson had a hellava game looking at the box score. 

Yeah, sucks that it wasn't televised. I was glad to see Cekovsky and Bruno get 20 points in 30 minutes between them. 


Poor shooting night (2-14 from behind the arc.) Gonna take a little time for this team to gel, but I think they've got a chance to make a little noise this year.

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Second game in a row that the BB game wasn't televised in my area.  Weird that the BIG 10 Network didn't show either game.  Looked like a beat down, which is expected in these early games.  Butler is up next.  Won't be easy.


FB team looks physically and mentally cooked. Hopefully next year will finally show some improvement.  We have some winnable crossover games against the west next year.

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6 hours ago, pjfootballer said:

Women got beat by the defending champs. 

Not a bad loss. SC has the most talented roster in the country. Has had for the past 3 years. 


This season will be a battle for the lady Terps. Have an excellent recruiting class coming in next year though.

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Kind of random thought, but I can't believe Jared Nickens is a senior.  Seems like yesterday he was a freshman.  Damn I'm getting old.....


I want him to have a big year, he has sort of been underwhelming, came in with a lot of hype and never really contributed like I hoped.  Looking forward to seeing the Terps play for the first time on Wednesday vs. Butler.

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Bullet form cuz it's late...


- Cowan looking deadly. He developed a step back J. He is so strong driving to the rim, great hesitation moves ans change of speed. He rebounded a lot and looked strong. 25 points a career high. He appeared to bang his left hand a bit at the end, I hope he's okay. I tend to worry.

- Bruno Fernando is a man. Tons of energy and strong as heck.

- Morsell played amazing. Great defense and movement offensively. Also lots of energy.

- Too many turnovers. Missed free throws. Gotta get better. Jackson and Huerter were a bit out of control. Huerter had some great passes tonight though, and his J is still wet. 

- Dion Wiley played one of the best games I've ever seen from him. Looks healthy and fast. His handles look nice, he created his own shot a few times. Nickens didn't get much playing time, didn't look happy on the bench. He simply isn't better than Morsell, Wiley, Jackson, or Huerter. Too bad cuz like I said yesterday I expect more from him as a senior. Obi didn't dress maybe he was sick.


Overall good game and I'm looking forward to the season. 

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Nice win last night against a solid team. Could have been worse if they weren't chucking bricks from the line first 30 minutes.


Encouraging sign that both Jackson and Huerter had mediocre games, and they won comfortably.


All this talk about the talent coming in next year, well, I LOVED what I saw from both Bruno and Morsell. Hell, if Turge could somehow pull Moses for next year's class, Terps could be legit contenders, IMO.


Also liked what I saw from Cheka. Was active, got to the rim on O, and altered or blocked a few shots on D. Some ticky-tack off ball calls on both he and Bruno helped keep Butler close.


Biggest plus/minus from last night for me is Cowan. With Melo gone, he's the man, and he seems to have accepted that role with relish. Problem is, Terps don't have a quality back up to handle the rock when he needs a blow. Too many turnovers by Huerter in that situation. If I'm the opposing coach, I go hard press on the backcourt whenever Cowan sits.


Great energy and bounce from Bruno, and Morsell could be best on ball defender Terps have had in some time. Bruno seems to have a nice feel for the game, solid instincts too. Love to see him and Cheka together some. Be hard to matchup against that size and athleticism.


Finally, I'm with you abdc, what's happened to Nickens? With his ability to knock it down from deep, Terps should be able to really spread the floor on occasion, and open lanes for their bigs and cutters. I know he's never been a decent defender, but he must be a knucklehead too, if he can't get any run with that sweet stroke.

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