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The Official Maryland Terrapins Thread

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15 minutes ago, BRAVEONAWARPATH said:

I have no complaints about the defense.


They kept us in the game for the longest.


I don't see this defense getting any turnovers, getting off the field on 3rd down very much or preventing 50 yard runs to their QB, but ok... 

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Doubled Minn offensive output, dropping almost 150 yards on that vaunted rush defense. Wish they had come away with points that first drive, though D came up big with a 3 and out to get field possession and 1st TD. Great call at end of half to get into FG position.


I'd like to see Johnson and Harrison run more north-south. Always bouncing it outside.

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13 minutes ago, TheDoyler23 said:

Officials took a turnover in plus territory off the board for the Terps. Garbage call. 

Predictably, Minn scores on the drive. 

Offensive PI call on opening drive cost a TD. Bad call as WR was running pattern and DB initiated contact.


On super slo-mo, looks like it hit Terp player's knee, though it looked like it hit Gopher player at first look.


Wow! Another **** call to thwart a Terp drive. Durkin's gonna burst an artery!

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