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The Official Maryland Terrapins Thread

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3 hours ago, TimmySmith said:

MD should roll. PSU is giving up a lot of points and ridiculous yards on the ground. 

Speaking from the other side, I'll say this much.  Maryland has a lot more in it's favor right now that PSU. One of the Penn State websites does some stats comparisons, and Penn State only has a few advantages.  Our secondary is far better than Maryland's passing game.  We get sacks, and Maryland allows a decent amount of them.  We take less penalties than Maryland.  The big one is Strength of Schedule.  Penn States is currently 31, vs. Maryland's of 163.  Note, that is Sagarin, who takes into account Non Division 1 schools as well.  Penn State is far more battle tested.

Unfortunately, Maryland has far more advantages going into the game.  Maryland is heavily favored rushing, and that goes both ways.  Which is sad, because Penn State has a great RB, but a crappy O-line blocking for him.  Maryland has advantages in turnovers, in 1st downs earned and given up, in 3rd down percentage (again, both ways). All special teams measures favor Maryland to varying degrees.

So I guess the big question is, how much does that Strength of Schedule matter.  I'll bet it matters some, and I don't think we'll get blown out, but I do think Maryland will learn quickly that they can run the ball, a lot, and will grind out long drives.  Say a TD per quarter, plus another stalled drive that results in a field goal.

Penn State has a kicker who hasn't missed yet, 17-17 on field goals, to go along with an occasional big play offense that only works part of the time.  I'm thinking maybe they'll connect on one long bomb and perhaps a longish drive where we get one rushing TD.  Probably a few field goals.

31-23 Maryland sounds about right to me.  I hate writing it, and I hope to be surprised, but Penn State is a really young team right now, and I don't think this is their year to make any real noise.

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Watching Hills run this offense is maddening. He has zero chance of throwing the ball downfield, so defenses are just gonna load the line of scrimmage. 

Hills is basically a RB playing QB. He's thrown the ball over the LOS twice, one got picked, the other should have been.

Please get Pigrome some time...PLEASE!

Pigrome now!!!!

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17 minutes ago, Long n Left said:

Well, Terps are who we knew they were. Got inflated by eating cupcakes for 4 weeks.

Until the Terps get a viable passing game this is who they are.

Wouldn't be surprised if Kasim Hill challenges for playing time as a true freshman next season.

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Well that blew biscuits. As usual, Penn State owns us.  We are their b****.  I'm just facing facts that no matter who we recruit or get to coach, we'll never be elite.  I guess we should enjoy the money from the BIG10 (like Vandy does from the SEC) and go to "also-ran" bowls every once in a while.

This is the BIGGEST disappointment from this team in the 3 years we've been in the BIG10.  Not going to lie.  This one is embarrassing,. :(

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Everyone knew it would take a few years for Durkin to get things to where they needed to be. I think everyone got a little excited the first few weeks because of how easily they were winning. We had not seen that for a while, even against poor competition. I was disappointed in the game plan today. If you are going to throw short and run most of the game, just go with Pigrome. I assume Hills is in the game to be able to throw and run, but that didn't happen today. He threw 7 passes. Once Penn St got up and the team needed to throw, Pigrome wasn't the guy to have in the game. He's just not there on the passing side of things yet. 

The bottom line is that this year is all about getting these young players experience. The schedule gets harder as the year goes on, so the wins may be tough to come by. They just need to continue to build and get experience. They may knock of some teams along the way and make it kind of fun for us fans.

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