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The Official Maryland Terrapins Thread

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So how are things going with you guys.  I see you're 4-0 against competition that may not be the toughest, but 4-0 is 4-0.  I haven't been paying much attention other than to Penn State so far.

On our end of things, we're breaking in a new QB and a new offense.  Great skill position players but our offensive line still mostly blows.  Which is a shame, because Penn State may have the best RB in the conference.  Google Saquon Barkley for freshman highlights.  The O-line is not helping him at all.

On defense, the D-Line is 3/4 new, and secondary is probably the strength.  Fun fact, we've lost five Linebackers to injury, including all three players on our MLB depth chart.  Our MLB currently is one of the second string OLB's that had to shift over.  None of the starting trio from week one are healthy at the moment.

We're 3-2, winning games we should win, not by as much as I'd like, and getting blown out by the likes of Michigan.  We won an overtime game last week against Minnesota, and I was more elated than I should have been about a win over ****ing Minnesota.

I try to get up for games against Maryland as I'd like it to become a regional rivalry, but my enthusiasm is low at the moment.

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^^Don't care what anyone says, this IS a rivalry.

Lot of you younger guys may not get it, but MD and Penn St played every year for decades, and State owned the Terps. I was ecstatic when the Terps won year before last in Happy Valley, and I'll be even more jacked if they win there twice in a row, and get to 5-0!

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