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The Official Maryland Terrapins Thread

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9 minutes ago, Redskin4ever said:

Wow. That was a phenomenal run by Harrison. 

No doubt!  Even Archuletta marveled at the kid's vision.

1 hour ago, grego said:

i dont get the CBS sports channel with my fios subscription (but i do get about every other POS channel that i dont watch). 

**** me. 

any alternatives?

Grego, I have Fios also.  If you live in The Skins Home Market, check out CBS Sports on channel 94.  If not, if you download the CBS Sports app, then you can stream the game for free(!), no bullcrap.


WoW.  Looks like their Tailback just did BOTH Safties on that long run - yikes!

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7 minutes ago, pjfootballer said:

I hate these late scores we're giving up.  I'd like to see us finish better.


Actually, I think they provide 2 things.  First, good experience for the younger/newer players.  Second, and more importantly, the 'stick' that Durkin can use to make sure they understand a game is 4 quarters and need to finish strong to beat better teams.

Overall pleased with where this team appears to be.  Not buying tickets to National Championship game, but I think they can be competitive.

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Just back from watching soon to be Terp Jonathan Doerer and his South Mecklenburg Sabres taking on Myers Park Mustangs (where my kids go/went to high school.)

S Meck went in ranked #6 in the Charlotte area at 2-1 with their only loss on the road last week to the #1 team in S. Carolina. Myers Park came in at 3-0 (first time in 19 years) and ranked #14 in the Charlotte area.

These schools are about 5 miles apart, and this is a BIG rivalry.

Myers Park kicked off to start the game, so I didn't get to see Doerer place kick until S Meck attempted a 32-yard FG just before halftime. He nailed it, and the kick sailed an easy 25-30 yards beyond the uprights.

Second half kickoff went out of the endzone, kicking from the 40, as did his next kickoff following S Meck cutting the lead to 14-11 in the 4th quarter. 

S Meck was driving late, and faced 4th and 3 from the 27 with 38 seconds left and no TOs. They opted for the tying FG attempt.

Again Doerer booted it an easy 15 yards past the upright. Unfortunately, for he and the S Meck fans, he was wide right by less than a foot.

All in all a good night. Myers Park got the win to go 4-0 for the first time since 1983, and I'm convinced the Terps are getting a kicker next year with a HUGE leg. Just gotta make those big kicks when you're wearing the red, white, black, and yellow.

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Just finished watching my DVRd game of the Terps vs Indiana soccer match.

Spoiler alert if you haven't watched it.


The field was just a massive joke.  I've seen cow patches that were more ready for a soccer match than that one.  There is no rain at all in the last 5 + days in Bloomington, but the field looked worse than New Orleans after Katrina.  

I know they feared the passing of the Terps, but the way the field affected play was just a joke.  No surprise the little 13 has nothing to say about that.

Good to see the Terps fight back to get a road draw.  Maybe the next time they play, the field won't look like my neighbors' yard after an hour of aeration.  

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