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Top 5 Most Hated Teams


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What teams do Redskin fans hate the most and what teams do you not mind to see do well after the Skins.

Here is my list for most hated.

1. ViQueens- Easily our most bitter rival and now they have Greg Jennings and Desmond Bishop.

2. Bears- Another huge rivalry.

3. Lions- Divisional rivalry.

4. Giants- 2007 and 2011, enough said.

5. Seahawks- After what happened last year they are now up there.

Honorable Mentions are the Saints and Patriots.


Teams I don't mind to see do well are the Bengals, Dolphins and redskins.

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1. Giants: No contest. Especially when we had our own fans rooting for them to win the last 2 super bowls.


2. Cowboys: 'Nuff said.


3. Eagles: 'Nuff said.


4. Seahawks: Who knocked the Skins out of the playoffs the last 3 times?


5. Colts: I want to see Andrew Luck bust.


Okay with:


Anybody playing the above 5.

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Fun topic.  Ok, my list:



5. Detroit Lions - They are the worst football program in the NFL's history.  The worst.  We should never lose to them, period.  I don't so much hate them, it's just...they are inferior.  Washington should never lose to Detroit ever again.


4. Seattle Seahawks - How is it we keep losing to these guys?  They're overrated, and they think they're one of the Big Boys now.  I do not like them at all.


3. San Francisco 49ers - Can't stand em.  Let's see how hot **** they are now that there are no cupcake mail-it-in Wins in their Division.  I reeeeally wanna beat their ass into leather!


2. New England Patriots - I respect, hell I even like Tom Brady, but I HATE Bill Belichick & everything he represents.  I will not forgive Belichick for running up the score on Joe Gibbs in Foxboro.  Never.


1. The HATED Rival - Red vs blue, Good vs evil, Indians vs cowboys.  However you put it; they are the arch-Arch-ARCH Rival.  Beat the Godless, savage heathen at all costs!


*NOTE: Without a doubt I hate new york--philly too.  Those are Division rivals, so in my mind, it goes without sayin.  **** em (for the record).




Now the teams I don't mind?  Hell, there are plenty.  But I only cheer The Washington Redskins.

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1. Giants- After the last two years underhand, gutless B/S from New Jersey's (not so) finest no more needs saying. **** Mara! Sideways. With a very blunt implement! 


2. Seahawks- Low life classless fan base. What they spouted after #21's tragic passing will NEVER be forgotten. 


3. Raiders- January 22, 1984. They made a 9 year old GHH cry. One day, I WILL catch up with Marcus Allen. And there WILL be blood. It tops my bucket list!


4. Eagles- Low life classless fan base and divisional rival. 


5. Patriots- You run the score up on Saint Joe like he's some wet behind the ears HS coach, you make an enemy for LIFE!



Now for the explanation on the very noticeable exception. I don't hate them I don't like them in any stretch or form. And they're the team I want to beat above all others every year. Even if we only win 2 games I want it be against them. I dislike them. But I don't hate them. 


Whether it's a mellowing with age. Whether it's being the deepest I've ever been involved with anyone, a gal' from the panhandle who's big State pride and love for them kinda' grew on me. Whether it's, through her family connections, spending the most fascinating day at former 'Bama Coach Stallings Paris home and hearing some awesome story's about the time he was on Coach Landry's staff and his absolute unadulterated hatred he has for Jerruh after the piss poor, low life way he treated that great man, let alone Coach I don't know. 


But as I sat down to think about this, I can honestly say I can't put them in a list of teams I 'hate.' Heavily dislike. But not hate. 


So sue me.  :P



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1. Cowboys - nothing could, nor will, ever replace the utter disgust I have for everything with that God awful star. It's reprehensible.

2. Seahawks - becoming a very close second quickly. Their fan base is classless, their team cheats and gets away with it, they play dirty, and they actually think they're a better team, even though we beat the **** out of them in the playoffs game. I think we won't even see them this season, and it makes me sad, because their sorry asses are going to be at home watching the playoffs this season during our title run.

3. Giants - **** you, Mara.

4. Eagles - although they're insignificant, and have a wonderfully spacious trophy case.

5. Anybody we happen to be playing during the week.

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The Cowboys and Giants for sure. I always had a soft spot for the Eagles, until they signed Vick. I have grown into a seriously comfortable dislike of them now. Seahawks I can't stand either, for plenty of reasons.


I don't think there are any other teams I can say that about. I'm pretty unhappy with the Rams lately, but it's hardly a hate thing.

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1a. Cowboys - I don't think they'll ever be supplanted as my most hated team. I can't stand them, their fans, hearing about how good they'll be every offseason etc.

1b. Seahawks - after our past three playoff appearances, Richard Sherman's antics and people trying to compare (or even insinuate that he is better) Russell Wilson to RG3, this team has shot up my board from 5 or so.

3. Giants - Mara, coughlin, being the team representing the people of NYC, etc

4. Eagles - filthy Philadelphia. Trashiest fans in any sport anywhere in the world.

5. Steelers - have never liked them, but no major reason. There are just so many damn random steelers fans here in Hampton Roads it makes me not like them.

Teams I root for when not playing the Skins:

Carolina Panthers - grew up in NC and went to some games.

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1) Cowboys - When I was born and the Dr. slapped me on the butt, I screamed out HTTR and the Cowboys S**K.

2) 49ers - If this team had to play our schedule in the 80's they would have been lucky to make it to a super bowl.

3) Raiders - That Super Bowl loss still hurts.

4) Seahawks - This team and it's fan base deserves a smackdown.

5) Eagles/Giants - I didn't really hate the Reid Eagles but I did hate the Ryan Eagles. I just hate most of their fan base. The Giants have been on my list since LT broke Joey T's leg and when they beat us 3x's in a single season. I have nothing against their fans. The only team on this list I can say that about.

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1. Cowboys. No other reason needed

2. Eagles. Actually used to like the team back in the 70's and early 80's Back when Vermeil was coaching them. Then Ryan came to town. And their fans suck.

3. Ravens. I hate everything about them.

4. Mara

4b. Seahawks. Very similar to the Eagles. They were a team I liked back in the 80's when Chuck Knox was coaching them. Now we have Carroll, crappy fans and a bunch of egotistical cheaters.

5. Pats.

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1. Eagles.  Hated the uniforms, hated Harold Carmichael (not sure why), hated the fans all my life.


2. Seahawks.  Former part-time Raiders fan and let's face it, they and their fans are just the worst examples of bipedal quasi-mammals without feathers that you will find on earth or any planet.


3. Giants.  Grew up hating the St. Louis/Arizona Cardinals and their fans.  Giants v StL was always a win for StL, which would then cause the idiot StL fans and sportswriters to think they were bound for the playoffs until the Redskins or Cowboys slapped them back into reality...hard.


4.  Chiefs.  Former part-time Raiders fan.


5a.  Patriots.  I like to watch them lose...it just doesn't happen enough.


5b.  Cowboys.  The only reason they aren't the worst fans in the world is because there are Seahawks fans.  National media coverage of them is the most slobbering of any in the NFL.  Believe it or not, the hatred for the Cowboys in StL when the Cardinals were there was almost as palable as it is here.  The Cardinals just never really had a chance to beat them. 

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1. Cowboys - Nobody else is even close.

2. Giants - The Eagles used to be here but Mara and his puppet Goodell's antics have thrust them up the ladder.

3. Eagles - Andre Waters, Buddy Ryan, etc.  I do love their trophy case though.

4. Seahawks - Punks

5. Ravens - Familiarity breeds contempt. Hate bandwagon fans.

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1)Cowboys -  I am surprised to see even 10% of the replys not have the Cowgirls at the #1 most hated.  If we lose 14 games in a year, I wouldnt consider it a failure as long as we beat the Cowgirls twice.  I cant stand them, dont ever wish good for them, and honestly, I get sick when I see that ugly star.

2)Eagles/Giants tie - Both division rivals, I hate them both equally, I HATED McNabb, like seriously couldnt stand him.  When he came to the Skins, I cried, I knew he was going to bust cause he has no heart.  And I hate the Giants mainly cause of Mara.
3)Steelers - I live in Altoona, PA, Steeler country, so I have to consistently put up with stupid western PA hicks who pretend they care about football, but when the Steelers suck, no one even watches the games, they are ALL fair weather fans.

4)Seahawks - Past 3 playoff appearences, and, not only that, but their fans are complete a-holes.  Did you guys see the report saying Seattle will now have a ton of undercover cops in plain clothes at games due to fan violence and harassment?  Pete Carroll sucks too, hes just been getting lucky with his picks and has a good gm.


I dont have another team I hate that bad, and since Eagles and Giants are 2 diff teams, thats my top 5. 

I dont root for any other teams, but I do enjoy watching certain players.  I LOVE watching Aaron Rodgers, I still think back to that draft day and how he was 1 pick away from being a Redskin.  I also, even though I hate the Pats, love watching Brady.  Im just a big fan of the QB position so I respect the guys who play it well.  Rodgers, Brady, Manning (who is probably the smartest game QB ever), Brees, etc;  I enjoy watching all those guys, but do I like their teams?  No, I hate pretty much every other team in the NFL.

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Seahawks easily make it, they've ended our playoff runs 3 times in a row now. Beyond that, they are so unbelievably over-hyped.

Cowboys because of course. Another over-hyped team.

Personally hate the Jets, but now I almost feel guily to still root against them. Though I loved that they drafted Geno because I thought Geno was not a good prospect, and here they are. Many more years of mediocrity ahead unless they get bridgewater next year.

Hate the Saints. Just can't stand how smug Payton is and I feel like his whole "coaching genius" is completely on Brees bailing him out of his own idiocy. We'll see how great a coach he is when he isn't gift wrapped an all-pro qb. Plus we're 3-1 against them since Payton and we should be 4-0 if it weren't for some bs calls (which they got their entire superbowl run) and a missed 20 yard fg.

And finally the Colts. Didn't really hate them until recently, but this whole "Luck took a 2 win team to the playoffs!" mess just annoys me. First off, this wasn't a 2 win roster, they gave up on 2011. Secondly, only team ever to be outscored and yet have double digit wins, and all this against a baby soft schedule. This hate will probably only last a year, but hearing about them last year just annoyed me to no end. Another over-hyped team.

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