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Gameday Thread: NFC/AFC Conference Championship Games


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Go 49ers, Go Ravens! Hoping for two good games, maybe at least one OT.

Was leaning towards the Falcons, but going with the 49ers. Seeing Kaepernick vs the Ravens or Pats would be entertaining.

A Falcons/Pats SB would be disastrous and would probably be over before halftime.

49ers 28 Falcons 24 FINAL

Ravens 28 Patriots 13 FINAL

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As some of you stadium dwellers have read over the years, I see almost all the SF games for many years, and I have to say that I really like the character of many of the SF defensive players as much as their talent. Helluva group. And Ahmad Brooks is a young guy who could become a seriously great player for years.

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Yeah Patriots need to go back the old unis with Patriot Pat on the helmet.

Yeah, I hate to admit I didn't like their old ones at the time, but seeing them play their retros lately, I was TOTALLY WRONG compared to the flying Elvis on silver and their silver lining shoulder strips. Just plain :puke:

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