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  1. So happy to see the burgundy pants back. Hopefully we never see white over gold again.
  2. Gotta suck to be a Browns fan and watch the guy you could've drafted pick your D apart while the guy you signed gets hurt. Hue Jackson quote from PFT: Strange thing for a coach to say. That idea must be floating around up there.
  3. It certainly gives him an out. Now he can get a good look at McCown. If McCown sucks he can go back to RG3. If he plays well he has cover to keep RG3 on the bench.
  4. The rest of the media pool should boycott the post fight presser in protest.
  5. Rockhold deserved that. He looked completely disinterested in the fight. He thought he could roll in there coast to an easy win.
  6. His talk has never really bothered me. I've found it entertaining. Much better than say the brain damaged, expletive laced, mumblings of the Diaz brothers. I think you saw in this post fight interview, and really all of his post fight interviews, that his talk is part of the show to sell the fight. And whatever people may think about his fighting ability, no one can deny his promotion ability. The dude gets it. He knows this is not a long term career and he needs to make as much money as possible as quickly as possible.
  7. Yeah, I doubt he will ever go back to 170 again. He may end up at 155 though. That cut to 145 is brutal. Gotta give Connor credit for handling the loss like a pro in the post fight interview. You won't see him going back to Ireland with a pillow over his face.
  8. Poor Dana. It has been a rough few months. The Hype Machine is taking on water. EDIT: Damn, beat by one post.
  9. His power didn't translate at 170. At least not against Diaz. He would have finished most 145ers with the shots he was giving Diaz in the 1st round and a half. .
  10. Poor Dana. Holm-Rousey 2 blown up. Connor Hype Train derailed, at least a little bit. Can't wait for the post fight presser.
  11. If this ruling had come in the Redskins appeal there would be much wailing and gnashing of teeth. Since it came in a case brought by a minority and backed by the ACLU you will hear nothing. This actually is the best possible result for the team.
  12. At the post fight presser the guy standing in for Dana confirmed the two options. Edgar at 145 or RDA - Cowboy winner at 155. Conor says he will not vacate the 145 belt. His goal is to hold both belts simultaneously, defending each as contenters arise. That would be pretty cool if he could pull it off.
  13. Dana White on FS1 talking like Conor might move up to 155. He said that Conor's coach said that was the last time he was going to cut to 145. White said if Connor moves to 155 he will get the winner of RDA - Cowboy. Immediate title shot.
  14. If you get a chance you should try to catch the interview Conor just did with the FS1 crew. He was the polar opposite of a "disrespectful douche bag". Unlike Ronda, Conor is capable of being charming and engaging. Most of his talk is an act to sell the fight. When he eventually does lose he will give an interview after the fight and show up to the post fight presser. You won't see film of him covering his face with a pillow at the airport.
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