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Another trade in the works?


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I'm betting on a trade for Ryan Harris.

Yeah this was brought up in the other thread...someone mentioned a swap of positions in one of the rounds...Is he any good? don't know too much about him

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If Carson Palmer went for 2 1st's' date=' Megatron would be like 5 plus Rak/Kerrigan/Williams/Snyder's Wife[/quote']

I'm down...who needs a defense if we could watch RG3 to Megatron for the next 10 years lol

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What'd the ABC tweet say?

Just that there was another trade in the works before FA, besides the RG3 one.

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Megatron would be amazing, but what would we be sending them?

Stop that! :ols:

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I'm thinking the whole "bang bang" thing from steelz is like a "this for that" situation. Or a "him for him."

Depending on what those two things are it could be big, but I'm feeling it will be more on the small side. Think like a Jarmon for Gaffney size of a deal.

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