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  1. Those of you that want to keep the gold pants, are you talking about our current color, which is more yellow like or gold like what Baylor had on their jerseys?
  2. lol yes I do actually like it. I think it's trendy. What can I say...I'm a fashionable type of guy.
  3. It doesn't have to be all black. Take a look at this picture. I wouldn't mind a concept like this one. We can easily do something like this and just replace what you see in black and make it a dark burgandy instead. I love how huge the Redskins logo is on the helmet, it just screams at you. I also love the huge feather down the leg and right arm band. I'm so tired of the typical vertical stripe that every jersey currently has. [ATTACH]46538[/ATTACH]
  4. I'm not a fan of using an older version of uniform as an alternate. I feel if you're going to do an alternate, then you might as well do something completely different. ---------- Post added April-5th-2012 at 10:17 AM ---------- If we woke up tomorrow and that was our uniform, they would be the ugliest in the league from the get go. Might as well photoshop a big mac in his hands and have him advertise for McDonalds. Also, too similar to USC's gear.
  5. I can roll with that. Darker burgundy, darker gold. Incorporate some white or black in it for change up. I'd also like to incorporate our feather into the design it's badass. I even like the old spear too. Not a fan of the red Indian face but I know it's a traditional thing.
  6. Just because those are the colors doesn't mean you have to use that combo in that fashion. I like to think of team uniforms as if they were clothes. So for example if I was going to an event, I'd NEVER wear a burgundy shirt over gold pants. It would just look ugly and so too would that combo on a uniform. Now...I would wear a white shirt over gold pants. A lot of Skin fans "like" our colors and uniforms due to tradition...not because they look good. Our colors are fine if that's what we want to stick with but it's ugly to do burgundy over gold. Looks like McDonalds/Wells Fargo. ---------- Pos
  7. The frustrated Skins fan in me wanted a fresh new start to this franchise with new uniforms ushering in the way. I can understand why some folks want things to stay the same due to tradition and all but part of me feels those same folks are also the ones who thought there wasn't a need to trade up to get RG3, because "traditionally" we've won our Superbowls with three different QB's. Our fanbase is sometimes too loyal to a fault. ---------- Post added April-3rd-2012 at 01:02 PM ---------- When I play Madden I usually do the combo below. 1. Yellow helmet with the arrow 2. White top 3. Yell
  8. Even if the uniforms change one day, Washington will be one of the lasts to do so probably. Very conservative area we have.
  9. Colors can change, besides our current colors are more red and yellow.
  10. That's neither burgandy nor gold. Too much like Wells Fargo/McDonalds
  11. If Nike had their choice, every team would probably get that bold sleek design they did for the Seahawks. I'm sure the rest of the owners wanted to keep the same old school look to their uniforms. It sucks because our uniform colors are red and yellow instead of Burgandy and Gold.
  12. So basically no visual changes worth noting except for the Seahawks.
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