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  1. Probably just one of many other people who saw this movie, but I loved it. My wife and I were laughing pretty much the entire time. Not a big fan of Jonah Hill, but he was hilarious in this movie. So, so funny.
  2. I want to punch several people in the "911 was NOT an inside job" thread. In related random thoughts, all punching bags should be replaced with conspiracy theorists until the stupid is beaten out of them.
  3. what kind of changes are you guys expecting? like permanent uniform tweaks? or just like wearing burgundy jersey and pants like we did last season? or even bring back the arrow head helmets? i didn't even know there was 'speculation' until i got into this thread. how drastic are we talking here?
  4. haha. yeah. i suppose every uniform looks like some other teams uniform. i like black. i think it'd look sweet. like most things, though, it's just opinion
  5. yeah dude. http://tweetphoto.com/19511978 and here http://www.cardinalsnow.com/cardinals-news/new-black-uniforms/
  6. that's hilarious have you all seen the new cardinals all black unis? they look sick (although eerily close to the atlanta's). i would love if we busted out something like that.
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