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Poll: What has been Shanahan and Allen's best bargain so far?


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Which one of the poll options would you say was the best bargain pick up by Shanallen so far?

1) Carriker by swapping 5th rounders with the Rams

2) Kerrigan and an extra draft pick by trading down

3) Gaffney for Jeremy Jarmon

4) Helu for a 4th round pick

5) Royster for a 6th round pick

6) Stallworth off the street

7) Hightower for Holliday and a 6th

8) Something else

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No doubt!

I had to go Gaffney for Jarmon because I think Gaffney was the biggest contributor this season out of the bunch.

I agree with this. Plus, Jarmon wasn't going to make it in a 3-4. Getting a valuable contributor for a guy you were most likely going to cut is brilliant.

The trade down to get Kerrigan was a close second.

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I'd add trading away Haynesworth and McNabb as options. I wouldn't choose either, but getting something for players that were cut by their new teams is cutting-off-hand worthy in some countries.

Edit: changed my mind, I would select Albert since both were an addition by subtraction and we got a pick in return. Obviously trading for McNabb eliminates him, but Mike wasn't responsible for Al ever being here.

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I chose Gaffney, simply because the price we paid for the production we got was one of the best deals we've made in Snyder's entire tenure.

I know he's not young, but he's also in good shape, and IMO, getting better as he gets older.

Now we need to work on that YAC, though.

I also love the deals on Carriker, Bowen and Cofield. They prove that you CAN use free agency to great advantage if you don't have stars in your eyes when you're evaluating players.

Those guys have really played well this year. Defense starts up front, and they have come in and instantly provided a solid anchor.


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Has to be Kerrigan only because we didn't give up anything and gained from him and more.

We gave up the #10 pick, which is why though I strongly support the move, I can't consider it a bargain. It was a fair trade, that worked greatly in our favor because of Gabbert's inadequacies and Shanahan's seemingly solid drafting.

Carriker for swapping 5th rounders fits the term bargain more. Or Gaffney.

I'm just upset my horse is in third place lol.

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The Carriker or Gaffney trades are the only correct answers. People are choosing Kerrigan because of the cascading effect that move had but if you isolate JUST the trade with Jacksonville it's far less of a bargain than swapping 5th rounders for a former first-round pick and perfect scheme fit or trading a player you were going to cut for a 900 yard receiver.

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I voted for Gaffney for jarmon & here's why.

Gaffney is already a top player for the team.

The dude had 68 catches for 947 yards & 5 TD's. (just shy 53 yards for 1000)

traded on July 27, 2011

Jarmon was cut on September 3, 2011

He's still currently a free agent.

The dude was cut, 32 days later....

The only other move,that COULD be better, is the Kerrigan trade down.

Which for the shirt term, was a great decision & move.

But what if Blaine Gabbert becomes a stud? (So far..he sucks)

Still gonna believe, that was the better deal? Passing him up?

Specially if we miss on our QB, this draft/off season? (when Gabbert was there...just waiting on us)

I didn't think so...

Gaffney, SHOULD win this poll, imo.

Kerrigan trade down & pass on Gabbert, remains to be seen, imo

btw..Kerrigan is awesome

love the dude

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